Exclusive Interview: BGT Alumni Jack and Tim

We caught up with Britain’s Got Talent alumni Jack and Tim to talk about their time on the show, their unique father/son bond, and their plans for 2019…

What made you both decide to audition for BGT? 

Jack – Britain’s Got Talent is my favourite show on TV and I really wanted to be on it!

What was singing with Danny Jones like Jack? 

Jack – That was cool especially as I didn’t know it was going to happen, I was in shock.

What’s your favourite thing about singing together? 

Jack – I like the feeling of making the harmonies sound nice and singing with my dad.

Tim  – For me, looking over at your son while your performing never gets old.. Great feeling. Proud as punch!

How do you juggle music and school Jack? 

Jack – I got to school most of the week and have some homeschool days also.

What’s been your favourite thing about seeing Jack fall in love with music Tim?

I think my favourite thing is watching how natural it is for him… It’s never forced and he always means what he sings and plays , he “goes there” you know? Which is what music is supposed to do.

How much fun did you both have in the studio while recording this track?

Tim  –  It was a real quick song to record, once we figured out the harmonies and the arrangement we wanted, putting it down was pretty quick and good fun!

Who are your main inspirations in music and your lives? 

Jack  – my Dad of course, then Slash, John Mayer , Prince , Country, all guitar stuff , we both love the same music.

What show are you looking forward to most on your upcoming tour? 

Jack – All of them really , but the Norwich one is our hometown so that will be kind of special…

Check out Jack and Tim’s brand new single ‘The Lucky Ones’ below, and head to their website to learn more about their upcoming UK tour!

Written by Emma

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