Exclusive Interview: Big Gigantic trace their decade long journey and talks about their new song “You’re the One”

Big Gigantic, with a decade long journey full of memorable moments, have contributed immensely to the electronic music scene and continue to live up to the magnanimity of their stage name. Known for their genre-bending productions and brilliant stage showcase, the duo, comprising of Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, have travelled around the world to deliver their live performances.

With million of streams on music platforms and countless fans, the duo have not just been consistent with releasing hit singles but have also managed to remain true to authenticity and experimentation, two core determinants of their work that brings listeners back to their music, every single time.

After the worldwide recognition for “All Of Me”, for which Big Gigantic collaborated with renowned rapper Logic, the duo have returned to the scene with a new single. Releasing their first major single in three years, Lalli and Salken have finally unveiled their song “You’re the One”, featuring Nevve.

In a conversation with CelebMix via email, Big Gigantic talked about their journey, their new project and future endeavours. Check our the interview below:

It’s been years since you began your musical journey. How has it been so far?

The last 10 years since we started have been some of the most incredible of our lives! Big G started as an experiment in our basement and as far as we’ve come there is still that element of freshness to it, like we’re still down in the basement playing over beats Dom is writing.

After travelling across the globe and playing gigs in multiple cities, which place stood out the most to you?

We’ve played some amazing places in our career. Japan and Australia are some international highlights for sure! Its honestly hard to beat playing Red Rocks in our home state though! It’s one of the most special places we’ve ever been to.

Looking back at the moment when you first decided to collaborate with each other, how do you see your journey as a duo? 

Its been such an adventure over the last decade. We’ve grown so much as musicians and as people but still maintained our core values and tried to bring them into the community that has built around us.

Initially, EDM was perceived with scepticism but now, it has become a huge ground for experimentation and a source of healing for fans. How did you perceive the genre when you first picked it up?

Its so funny to look back when we first started and all the sceptics that were out there. Everyone in the industry thought it would be a fad but we knew once it started, it wasn’t stopping any time soon. Using a computer to produce/perform music would become a new instrument that people could use to express themselves.  We just wanted to play our instruments and fuse it with electronically produced music.

How do you perceive the industry now? How have things changed for better and for worse?

Its amazing to see how far things have come since we started. There was no Instagram or twitter when we first hit the scene, in fact Myspace was THE way to get your music to people. We all saw that disappear into thin air.  There were a ton of people only performing with CDJs or a laptop and one thing we’re super proud of is the resurgence of live instruments combined with computerized music. Its great to see people performing their music again.

When you started creating music, you chose to distribute your music for free for easy accessibility while playing at gigs became an important source of revenue. Today, when the competition has increased and as more artists are coming to the center stage, what do you think about this approach? Do you think it to be effective even now?

Our man goal was making our music available to anyone no matter how they get music. Some people use Spotify, itunes, Pandora, some download zip files and import them. We wanted our music to be everywhere and accessible. Its something that worked for us but might not work for everyone. We think it would definitely still be effective but now there are other ways to get heard for sure.

Can you please tell our readers about your single “You’re the One”?

You’re the One is meant to empower our listeners.  We asked our fans ‘What do you love about yourself?’  It seems like these days there is so much pressure to succeed and appear a certain way that sometimes it can build up into something negative. We’re all so hard on ourselves but its important to not dwell on those negative feelings. It will only lead to more negativity.  Starting with a positive thought like “what do I love about myself?” will lead to more positive thoughts and spreading that positivity will bring great things in your life!

We read that “You’re the One” is your first new major single in three years. How has been the response?

The response has been great to see. We’re super pumped about the excitement around the new tracks we’re releasing!

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours? 

We’ll be dropping our new single Friends feat. Ashe in the next month or so. We’re also taking our Rowdytown 3D show to New York City on Aug 23rd.  We’ve never done a Rowdytown outside of Colorado so we’re really pumped to bring our show to the Northeast. Theres a few tickets left for that so get’m while you can! We also have a few tix left for Rowdytown 8 at Red Rocks in Colorado. The lineups for both events are amazing! Check it out on our website!

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