EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Bryan Rice

Accomplished Danish singer/songwriter Bryan Rice has officially released his brand new single ‘Tell It To My Body’. The electro-pop track is powered by Rice’s soulful vocals and is overlay-ed with slinky beats. The track is lifted from the star’s new EP ‘Bryan-Pt 1’.

Here we speak exclusively to Bryan Rice about his new music, future plans, dream collaborations and much, much more;

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
First of all, in the very early days, all inspiration came from my parents, my sister and the LPs that they listened to. It was everything from Boney M and Whitney Houston to Bryan Adams and several Danish artists such as Shubidua, Anne Linnet and Kim Larsen. I was brought up in a family with a very wide taste in music and I have learned to cherish all kinds of music from heavy rock to classical. Music was always a huge part of my world. I spent hours in front of the record player in our house, listening, singing and discovering the covers and lyrics of the LPs. Furthermore, my mother told me, I was a kid with a built in radio. You would always know where I was, because I was singing. Self made tunes showing my mood and state of mind. Not least, I grew up well aware that music is good for you and that being a musician is as good as any other thing. This came in handy as a grown up when I had the actual choice.  Later on, I started building up my own taste, listening to the radio, I discovered mainstream pop music and fell in live with everything from the 80s and 90s. For many years, my biggest hero and idol was Bryan Adams.  

So, have you always know you wanted to be professional musician?
No, not really. As a kid, I would sometimes say that I wanted to become a pop star or a waiter. I was always told that pop star was not something you could just choose. Later on, I found out that language was my best and I studied many years to be a translator. While finishing a master at the Copenhagen Business School, I was offered to release my first single, ‘No Promises’. That changed everything! I have never learned how to sing or play anything nor did I write songs as a young man, but I somehow found out that it’s inside of me and the last 13 years have been my musical education, being on stages and in studios all over the world.

Since you began your career how do you feel the industry has changed?
In so many ways. Best of all is the way that music has been set free. Once you release something, it starts travelling by its own, and suddenly you get messages from places you haven’t even heard of, about your songs. That is so powerful! Worst of all is the illegal download and the way we have had to reinvent being an artist and being able to live from making music. But I think we’re on the right path.

What is the main inspiration behind your new single ‘Tell It To My Body’?
The main inspiration is the fact that I think most of us have felt the struggle between the body, the heart and the mind. I myself have been in that situation where my mind tells me that another person is a no go, my heart tells me that I’ll be hurt but my body doesn’t give a shit…that’s exactly what the song is about!

Can fans expect to see you on tour soon? 
I am on an everlasting tour! I love playing live and I take every opportunity to do so. If any venue or private persons invites me and my musicians, we will play! That’s a call! There’s a calendar on my homepage and Facebook (bryanrice.comFacebook.com/bryanricemusic) so you can always check out where we’re heading next!  
Do you plan on releasing an album this year?
I released my new EP ‘Bryan Pt 1’ [on] September 1st , from where ‘Tell It To My Body’ is the first single, and right now I’m planning my next release which will be… tadaa, ‘Bryan Pt 2’. A similar EP but with collaborations on all songs. Stay tuned!   
If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?
I have always had a dream about doing a duet with Kelly Clarkson. She inspires me and I adore her voice and songs. If Coldplay asked me to feature, I wouldn’t hesitate too.
What do you hope to achieve over the next ten years?
I have but one main goal. It is to be able to make a difference for as many people as possible through my songs. If that is by singing in smaller clubs or in stadiums, is not a big deal. I just need to reach out and work. I love working! And I love being a musical entrepreneur. All in all, see how far I can get doing what I love the most. And, btw, Thanks for helping me reach my goal by posting an interview about my music. 
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