Exclusive : Interview with Chad Sugg

After his first ever music experience as Backseat Goodbye, Chad Sugg wanted to expand musically and pursue his career under his own real name in 2011. Since then he’s made a name for his self via YouTube covers and by releasing several albums throughout the years.

First of all, for those who’ve yet to hear of you, introduce yourself !

My name’s Chad Sugg. I’m a guy that has been making music for quite a while, and sometimes I make videos on YouTube.

It seems like music is your life, what are your earliest memories of singing ?

I remember singing as a kid, but only messing around. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I got a guitar, tried singing, and figured out I hated it. Then a couple years later I tried again, and actually started practicing… As you can tell, I ended up liking it.

You’ve been writing/releasing poetry since 2008. In terms of writing, do you write your own materials ?

Yes, I write every last page, musical note, and lyric you see/hear in all of my work. Of course, the only exception is with my YouTube covers, I only WISH I wrote those!

You’re the father of a little guy, how do you manage to have a personal and professional life at the same time ? And what do they say about your career ?

Well, my son is 2 and a half now. It’s extremely difficult to have a personal and professional life with a small child. It’s all worth it, but it’s much much harder to write/record with the little guy running around the house screaming and hitting me with toys. Ha. And as for now he’s way too young to understand my music career, so we’ll have to wait and see what he thinks in a few years.

You’ve covered some amazing songs. Where does the inspiration come from for your originals ?

Life mainly, but also from the songs I listen to. I get inspired by other artists a LOT.

What do you plan for the next ten years ? If being a father/poet/songwriter is not enough already ?

I started a record label called Roamer Records with a good friend a couple of years ago, and that got slowed down a lot by having a kid. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of being a father and know how to budget my time better, one of my goals is to get that fully up and running like originally planned.

Any artists, dead or alive, you want to cover and/or sing with ?

Oh wow, of course. I’d love to work with Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Nate Ruess, Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, John Mayer, Regina Spektor, to name a few.

You’ve been touring with different artists and on your own, how does it feel to meet fans all around the country and play your songs live ?

It’s amazing. I don’t get to tour as much as I used to at the moment, but when I do I respect the whole journey a lot more now… And maybe, not even the journey, but just the people I meet along the way. I’ve really realized how astonishing it is that I get to meet so many different people from different places. It’s great to hear their stories, and to see how they’re living their lives.

Thanks to Chad for his time ! You can find him on his websiteTwitter, Facebook and YouTube. Go check him out.

Written by CelebMix