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Exclusive Interview: Ciara Riley Wilson on starring in the new Kim Possible movie

We were so excited when we heard one of old favorites Kim Possible was being made in to a movie. So we loved the chance to have a chat with Ciara Riley Wilson, who plays Athena in the new adaptation.

1) Tell us a bit about the movie and your character Athena?

Kim Possible is a live action Disney Channel Original Movie based on the beloved cartoon series that aired on Disney in the early 2000’s.

The Original Kim Possible series.

I play Athena, a new character who wasn’t in the original series. She is a new girl at Kim and Ron’s school and becomes a part of Kim’s squad. She has been the ultimate fan of Kim Possible for as long as she can remember and is so excited to be tagging along for all the adventures Team Possible goes on.

2) Had you ever watched the original series?

Yes! I was a huge fan of Kim Possible. I watched the series growing up and always saw Kim as an icon for girl power and confidence. Watching the set design, beloved characters, and fight scenes come to life during filming was surreal because I had grown up seeing the show. This live action adaptation does an incredible job of calling back to the original series. Even before I was cast, I was so excited to see the world of Kim Possible I know so well transform into life action! The cast and I also binge watched a ton of original Kim Possible episodes on set.

The trailer for the live action adaptation of Kim Possible.

3)You also dance a lot, how is appearing in a music video different to working on a movie?

Dance was my first love and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to have danced in music videos with Fifth Harmony, Gucci Mane, Usher, and Chris Brown. Working on music videos is very different than filming a movie!
A music video moves very quickly and is usually filmed in a day or two. Movies require months of preparation and are generally more of a process. Although the pacing and vibes are different, both movies and music videos have incredibly hardworking crews and creatives behind the scenes. I love being able to work on both!

4) You like Hip Hop as a dance style, what is it about that style that appeals to you?

Hip hop has always been my favorite style of dance. It is strong, dynamic, and easy to add your own personal flavor to. I also love how versatile and fluid the style is with the rise of genre-bending music. The body positioning of hip hop is very grounded and similar to the stance of fight choreography. Learning stunt work in the Kim Possible movie was similar to my dance training!

5) What’s next for you?
I am excited to announce my upcoming projects! I will be a recurring guest star on the Disney Channel show Coop & Cami Ask The World as well as a recurring character on the new cop drama LA’s Finest starring Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union!

You can keep up with Ciara’s adventures on her instagram: @ciararileywilson!

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