EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Country/Pop Trio Southern Halo

Southern Halo are a country/pop trio consisting of three sisters Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris who hail from Cleveland, Mississippi. A close-knit family nurtured the girls’ love of music and the local community support helped boost the sisters confidence. Their first live performance was at a local restaurant in their hometown when Hannah, the youngest sister, was aged just 9-years-old. In the years following their live debut Southern Halo have created a signature sound which blends classic country and pop with a hint of Southern rock.

Earlier this year the sibling trio released their latest hit single ‘Just Like In The Movies‘ and here we speak exclusively to Southern Halo about their new music, sibling dynamics, future plans, and much, much more;

Growing up, who inspired your love of country music? 

Natalia: My sisters and I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, where American music was born. With so many inspirational singer/songwriters and musicians, we just really wanted to grow up and be just like them. Music was a huge part of our childhood. Even though Mom and Dad didn’t know anything about it, they played millions of old classics on vinyl in our kitchen—which eventually became a habit to be listening to all different types of genres all day every day.  

Who are your musical icons?
Natalia: Man, where do I start? There are so many musical masters that I look up to as mentors. There’s Eric Johnson’s ability to make any guitar sing to you, Justin Timberlake’s passion for music, Taylor Swift’s hard work and determination, and even Prince’s impeccable stage performance and entertaining skills that will give an entire stadium goosebumps. I love to take great things from these artists and more to help Southern Halo and myself develop our own sound! 

Christina: Dave Grohl, Alicia Moore (P!NK), Bryan Adams and Grace Potter.

Hannah: Selena Gomez, Michael Jackson and Geddy Lee from Rush!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you choose?
Natalia: Out of any artist in the world, I dream of collaborating with Ed Sheeran. I’m so obsessed with his musical talents and impressive songwriting skills!

Christina: There are so many amazing artists that I’d love to collaborate with! One in particular is Dave Grohl. It’d be cool to learn a few drumming techniques from him! 

Hannah: I think it would be so cool to collaborate with Selena Gomez. She’s such a great singer and has an amazing heart! 

Do you think being sisters helps your creative output?

 Natalia: Oh definitely. One great mind can make a difference, but when you put three together you can take on the world! My sisters are my best friends. I truly am blessed to not only get to do what I love for a living, but to get to share this love with the two greatest girls in the world!  

What is the best and wort things about working together on a daily basis? 

Natalia: The best thing about working together all day every day is that it is a constant adventure and learning experience. The girls and I have been taught since the day we were born that it is us against the world. We have always been on each other’s sides since we were babies, and we’re going to be there for the rest of time. As for the worst things? There definitely is not a worst part about getting to work together with your siblings. Working together has brought us even closer than ever before! We’ve learned to listen to each other’s opinions, be very supportive of each other, and most importantly make working in the music industry even more fun than it already is.

Which other sibling acts do you enjoy listening to?

Natalia: There are so many great sibling acts! I love listening to Heart, The Carpenters, Jackson 5, and even Alex and Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen! 

What is the main inspiration behind your latest release ‘Just Like In The Movies’?

Natalia: The girls and I are huge fans of romantic movies and classics, so ‘Just Like In The Movies’ connected really well with us. The song describes that picture perfect movie relationship between a guy and a girl. I mean, come on—who doesn’t love a romantic fairytale?  

Can fans expect an album from you soon?

Natalia: Yes!! The girls and I have worked hard on this next album of ours and cannot wait to share it with everyone. With 14 new original tracks, we have a lot more in store in the coming of 2018 when it will be released! 

Do you have any tour plans lined up?

Natalia: Of course! We are setting up a fun tour all over the United States and United Kingdom as soon as we release our next album early 2018. So stay updated with us to see when and where we will be! 

What do you hope to achieve over the course of your career?

Natalia: A long happy life of playing music with my sisters and continuing to share it with others. :)

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