EXCLUSIVE: Interview with DJ duo CYA

CYA are the mysterious duo making serious waves in the music industry. Whilst not much is known about them, they’ve already caught the attention of DJ heavyweights Pete Tong, Steve Angello and Armin Van Buuren.

The duo released their debut single ‘Mistakes’ earlier this year, and we can expect a load more new music from CYA soon. They’ve also been busy on the festival circuit this summer, with performances at gigs including Amnesia and Tomorrowland.

We caught up with CYA to get to know them a little better, to hear about their future plans and much more.

How did you first get into DJing, and who were your early passions and influences?

We’ve been into the industry for some years with another alias, but the progressive vibe was the one which inspired us at first. One year ago we thought that it was time to try something new and that’s how CYA became real. CYA is the result of matching the first letter of both our surnames. It was simple, short and clear which we liked from the start!.

Not much is known about you both – can you share a fact each about yourselves?

Since we can remember we have always wanted to become producers, we’ve grown up listening to electronic music and at some point we thought we should follow our dreams, so after a few years as DJ’s we decided to start working together and built our own studio to make that happen.

You released your debut track ‘Mistakes’ earlier this year. Can you tell us a bit about it?

“Mistakes” is our first single, and the result of learning from the past few years in the music industry. You can always look for a proper sound or inspiration, but in the end it’s the result of a mixture of things that makes you find the melody. And being a duo helps us to get the best out of it, as neither of us are satisfied til we achieve what we’re looking for.

You recently dropped a remix of CID’s ‘Believer’ featuring CeeLo Green. How did the remix come about?

We’ve been friends with CID for some years. When he heard our songs he liked them so much and asked us to remix this song and fell in love with CeeLo’s vocals. We found the way to put our signature on the remix and we’re so happy with the result.

You’ve already received support from DJ legends such as Pete Tong and Steve Angello. How does it feel to have the backing of such artists?

It was absolutely awesome. Before Pete premiered the song on BBC, we didn’t promote our socials so much, and we knew that Pete played it because some fans started to find our socials and wrote to us. We’re so happy to see how Steve Angello and other big names in the industry are playing our songs in front of thousands of people!.

You decided to keep your identities a secret, so how does that impact on your live performances?

When we come up with the project we wanted to prioritize the music instead of the faces to gain hype on the social media, but we’re doing our first shows and we’re not hiding our faces.

Speaking of live performances, you’ve got a summer jam packed with shows ahead of you including Tomorrowland, Dreambeach and Amnesia Ibiza. Is there a particular show that you’re most excited for?

Our first show was at Los Alamos in Spain and it was so good for us. People showed love to us for the first time and we enjoyed it a lot. Amnesia was a blast too. Now it’s time for Tomorrowland and it’s always special for every artist, maybe it’s the special one for this summer. We have two more festivals this summer and we’re closing some dates for the end of 2017 and already have some for 2018 in Europe.

If you could only play five songs for the rest of your life, which five would they be?

It’s hard to choose five songs because there’s lots of awesome music. But we can say

1- Eric Prydz “Opus”

2- CYA “Mistakes”

3- Oxia “Domino”

4- CYA “Regrets”

5- Three Dives “Greece 2000”

What would be your dream accomplishment as CYA?

Leave a mark in every set, every song and every fan.

Can we expect some more new music from you this year?

We have two tracks and a vocal mix of mistakes ready to drop on SIZE Records but there isn’t a release date yet. There’s a release of a remix for a big artist very soon. Also we’re doing two different collaborations with two big names and have a couple of songs finished and looking to choose the right label for them.

What else can your fans expect from you during the rest of the year?

We see each other doing what we love the most, making music music and DJ shows elsewhere in the world.

Thank you to CYA for their time. ‘Mistakes’ is available now. Love this dynamic duo? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by Katrina Rees

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