EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Danny Wright

Danny Wright is a former frontman who toured with rock bands DissolvedIn and We Are Lost Boys. During his time in these groups he played all over the world, performing at major festivals including Download and also enjoyed major press acclaim from Kerrang! magazine.

Now he is stepping out on his own with a clutch of pop-influenced tracks. The talented singer and model is talking the next step on what is sure to be a long and successful solo career with his debut release.

His first solo single ‘Staying In‘ is out now and here we speak to Danny Wright exclusively to find out about his time as a frontman, going solo, his new single, future album and lots more.


What is the inspiration behind your new single? 

‘Staying In’ is a song I starting writing years ago and could never finish, but I kept coming back to it and really wanting to complete it. It went through many different versions and I kept telling myself it wasn’t good enough or ready to even be heard by anyone. Last year I had an extreme anxiety attack which led to me being rushed to A+E. I was recommended some therapy which I did – I was skeptical with it at first but then ended up really enjoying it. I learned a lot about my behaviours and habits, after the sessions I started writing and ‘Staying In’ seemed almost effortless to finally finish. The song is about anxiety and ambition, when you put so much pressure on yourself or set unrealistic goals it can sometimes trigger anxiety and stop you doing anything at all, which leads to extreme procrastination, self-loathing and self- destruction.   


What have you learned from your time in the bands DissolvedIN and We Are Lost Boys?

I learned a lot about myself in these bands, especially DissolvedIN! I started that band when I was very young with no high expectations but a gut full of determination. I exceeded what I thought I could achieve within a few months of releasing our first song. It really instilled the thought that, whoever you are and whatever you’ve been through and whatever the nay-sayers say, you really can achieve what you want if you believe in yourself. I’ve also learned to enjoy the journey more now – though I have some great memories in those bands, I also feel like I never really appreciated the moments as I was always looking ahead or what the next thing was. It’s taken a few years to change this and is still takes practice to actually do it but I enjoy the process.  

Do you feel more free now that you are launching a solo career?

Definitely, I did have a lot of freedom in my previous bands but now I feel like it’s completely from a true place in me. Some of the songs I’ll be releasing are songs I started writing while in a band but didn’t think they fitted in, and they’re the most personal.  

How would you say your solo stuff differs from what you were creating while in the groups?

My solo music is a lot softer than what I did with the bands, the songs have more of a vulnerability to them and a pop feel with a ‘rock edge’. It still has the same energy as if it were a full band ,but just solo if that makes sense. I sometimes think I am up onstage with a full band but most of the time I’m all alone!   

Can fans expect to have a solo album from you in the near future?

I have some more songs to release individually first and then I will start work on an album. I want to start working on an album from scratch, so first I will be releasing these songs that are ready.  

Are you planning any tour dates for this year? 

I have a few dates that you can see on my Facebook  I’m doing some dates across the UK in September and a few summer festivals.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

I would love to work with Ricky Gervais musically or doing some acting, I think the guy is so funny. He’d make me laugh all day. We would be best buds! I’d also love Travis Barker to lay down some beats on one my tracks. He is easily the coolest drummer on the planet.  

Who are your musical icons?

Jared Leto, Blink 182’s Tom Delonge, and Green Day’s Bille joe Armstrong. 

What do you hope to achieve over the next ten years?

Over the next ten years I hope to still be writing and playing music. I’m very excited about evolving and I want to keep reaching an audience in a fast changing world and continue spreading my art.  

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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