Exclusive Interview : D’LuXE

D’LuXe are one of the hottest up and coming bands around. Daisy, Keira and Ellie have just released their single Biggest Mistake, an empowerment anthem for all who are going through heartache. We caught up with the girls, got to know them better and found out all about their ‘Biggest Mistakes’.

Hi D’LuXe. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Let’s get to know you a bit better. Can you just give us a little bit of an introduction to each of you? 
Ellie: Hey! I’m Ellie. I’m 16 and from Romford. And I seriously love Harry Potter! Maybe even literally.
Keira: Aloha! I’m Keira! I am 18 and the eldest of the band. I live in Billericay. And I can do the Mexican wave with my tongue!
Daisy: Hola! I’m Daisy (the long haired one!). I’m 16 and from Brentwood. I love going on holiday and can speak fluent Spanish and Mandarin! Ni Hao!

We are loving your latest single Biggest Mistake. It’s a total heartbreak anthem. Is girl power something you guys feel strongly about?
Ellie: Aw thank you so much! Absolutely – we want all girls to feel confident about themselves. Girls worry so much about guys at our age and what they think of us. It’s a great track about standing your ground and not allowing yourself to be messed around. I love how we all stand together at the end of the video. It’s classic but light hearted revenge!
Keira: I’d like to think the single is an inspiration to young girls. That is the message we were always trying to deliver. It’s an empowering song #friesb4guys
Daisy: As a band, we are best friends and feel that girls should compliment each other and build each other’s confidence. The song is about being stronger together and being wise to the games that guys can play!

Awesome! So how were D’LuXE formed?
Ellie: We were all soloists in a competition called Factor Essex, which follows a similar format to the X Factor. When the show finished in November 2016, we were approached by the competition’s producer who decided he wanted to put us together and market us as a band. He signed us and is now our manager and acting record label. We were originally offered a single deal, which has now turned into an album deal. It was strange as it was never something we were expecting from entering the show, but we are ecstatic that it has happened and have gained so many amazing experiences from it already – including best friends for life!

Who are each of your musical influences?
Ellie: I love Little Mix because I feel they closely represent the journey we are hopefully about to embark on and they were also created the same way that we were. Adele is an amazing vocalist and so down to earth. All of her songs are written from the heart. I’m also a secret One D fan girl!
Keira: I love Beyoncé (slay!). She is one of a kind and Queen of the pop world. With current music I’m really feeling Dua Lipa at the moment. Her songs are relatable. I’m also a little musical theatre orientated and love a good West End show! My secret crush is Justin Bieber, although I don’t really think that is much of a secret!
Daisy: Ed Sheeran! He is my absolute fave! He worked his way up busking in the street to handfuls of people that probably didn’t pay him much attention to selling out Wembley stadium three times in a row! I literally cried when I went to see him. I’m also into Amy Winehouse and Paloma Faith for their passion, originality and style. My music taste is so diverse. If I’m not listening to Stormzy, I’m listening to Jazz haha!

Now, can you let us in on your ‘Biggest Mistakes’
Ellie: I was dating this guy a few months ago but he went on holiday and kissed someone else. I was literally the last person to find out about it – so ‘Biggest Mistake’ could literally be about me! I’m not too upset though so he won’t be getting a milkshake over his head any time soon. The only thing lost out of it was my 160 day Snapchat streak!
Keira: I once accidentally set the Christmas tree on fire at the restaurant I worked at. The pub didn’t burn down though, so does that actually count as a mistake?
Daisy: I got accidentally drunk on holiday at the age of five. Yes five! My pineapple juice got mixed up with a Malibu and pineapple juice! I haven’t drunk alcohol since! (Naturally as I’m 16 of course!)

So your upcoming album Unified has been teased recently. Can you tell us about the album? 
Ellie: The songs featured on the album are all very different in style, but connect us with a story. My favourite track is ‘Not Hiding the Pain’. It has an old vintage record feel but has been produced to also sound current. It’s a painful but warm song and the lyrics are deep.
Keira: The album is unique as we have covered so many different topics but managed to keep a majority of it fun and upbeat.My favourite is ‘Biggest Mistake’ as it was so much fun to film and record. It is such a high energy track to perform. The album as a whole really showcases what us girls are made of and connects the feelings of three young teenage girls. We can be up and down emotionally all of the time – but most of the time we are up!
Daisy: I absolutely love the album as it shows sides of us that we wouldn’t normally be able to express in day to day life. The songs create a journey and a feeling of ‘togetherness’. It has definitely brought us closer as a band and helped us learn more about each other and the way we think/feel things. My favourite is also ‘Not Hiding The Pain’. It resonates deeply when I listen to it and also helped bring out my confidence in the studio.

Are all the songs with this incredible ‘unified’ feel?
Ellie: Yes definitely. With every song you feel like there is always a shoulder to cry on or someone to help you stand up for yourself. We stand strong together as friends. Some of the tracks have the messages a little more hidden than others, or you have to watch the music video to understand the story. But who wants to make things easy?
Keira: The whole experience of putting this album together, along with the music videos, has unified us as friends. So it was important that we delivered the same message within the songs. The album is on fire – just like the Christmas tree!
Daisy: The album covers relationships, insecurities, standing up for each other and friendships. It’s about being better together. I feel every song is relatable in some way. Everyone has been hurt before, messed around or feel down from time to time. Having someone there to support you is always important.

What’s next to come from you girls?
Daisy: Our album ‘Unified’ is set for pre order on iTunes on the 10/10/17, with its official release date on the 26th January 18. ‘Not Hiding The Pain’ is released on the 3rd November and is our favourite track so please make sure you buy it!

Where and when can we hear Biggest Mistake live?
Keira: We have some big gigs coming up with performances at the SEEA Youngstars in November, returning to the show where we were created – Factor Essex in December, and our official album launch in January. We also have lots of Christmas lights appearances and local venues coming up. All of our performance and appearance dates can be found on our Facebook page!

You can check  D’LuXE out over on their Facebook page, Twitter. 
‘Biggest Mistake’ is available to stream from Spotify now, and to purchase from iTunes.

Written by NikiSmith

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