EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: EBEN Talks New Music, Touring and More

EBEN is hot and fresh in the music industry right now. Dropping singles every other week and currently on tour opening for his lifelong friends, Why Don’t We, EBEN is on the train to becoming the next big thing.

EBEN recently released his singles “Next Ex,” and “Nights Like This,” “Past Hundred Days” and is getting ready to release his next single “You The One,” which comes out April 11th.

CelebMix had the chance to chat with EBEN before his show in Boston, MA at the Agganis Arena.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

Congratulations on your first two singles of 2019, “Next Ex” and “Nights Like This.” What was making the two songs like?

It was awesome. I linked up with one of my really good buddies, his name is R8DIO, he’s a producer that I’ve known for years now. He actually linked up with Theron from Rock City and wrote “Next Ex” and “Nights Like This.” Radio showed me the records and I absolutely fell in love with them just right away. We got in the studio the next day and recorded both of them.

Do you have a favorite line from each of the songs?

From “Next Ex” when it says “booty on wave girl,” there’s a bunch of quirky little lyrics that play on words and what not in “Next Ex” that I really love. That’s why I enjoy the song so much, because it really caught my attention right away, especially with that beginning piano step.

Do you have a favorite song between the two?

I love each song for a different reason, just because each song has a different vibe. “Next Ex” is definitely way more tongue in cheek and very quirky and funny but it’s cool at the same time. “Nights Like This” is a little bit harder with the beat and what not, there’s more production on it, which I love as well. I love both of them, I can’t compare them.

How has tour been so far? Are you still helping out with the Why Don’t We set and helping set the show up?

This tour I’m not working as crew, which is actually super awesome. I’ve enjoyed myself very much running the pro tools and everything on the Invitation tour and doing stuff on Something Different but this tour I’m able to just focus on my artistry full time, which hasn’t been a thing in the past for me, so it’s very new, I’m just trying to fill my time with certain things, I don’t just benefit myself. To see all the familiar faces in the crowd from the past tours and a bunch of new faces. To see the whole family grow overtime is just super satisfying.

You have been a part of the Why Don’t We journey in a way, you guys have gone from small venues, to medium sized venues, to now arenas and next full size arenas. That must be cool?

It’s insane. I’m just so thankful that everyday I’m able to do what I love and whether it’s in a 100 cap venue or Radio City Music Hall, which we did in NYC and it was sold out, I’m just glad to be out here and able to do what I love. It’s so cool to just see the growth in everything, it’s awesome.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

You’re also releasing “You The One” next week!

“You The One” comes out next week, very soon. I’ve been doing a song every two weeks or so. I’m just trying to drop a lot of music consistently. The last project I put out was Passenger Days, but that was in September/October, it was a long time ago. It’s been a long time since I dropped music, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do, just completely have a lot of EBEN in front of people, a lot of new music all the time.

It’s interesting that you say it’s been a long time since you released music, which was only back in October. Back in 2012 you would have to wait like three years for an album to drop. Music is really changing, do you think albums will ever become an obscure thing of the past?

I think over time maybe, eventually, just because things are always transitioning and the music industry is evolving. Everyone’s attention span is much shorter now because of social media and everything. When a Vine first came out, that’s a six second video, you have six seconds to grab someone’s attention. Nowadays, there’s not as many people who will sit down and listen to a full body of music, it’s like they want a two and a half minute single and they’re ready to move on, so things are definitely changing. I think it’s cool, it’s awesome and everyone is able to have access to new music way easier because of that and I think it’s a really cool thing.

You’re close with everyone on tour, do you have any favorite memories from tour so far?

Last night was definitely a huge highlight. It was my favorite show that I’ve ever done in my whole life, I can confidently say that. The energy and being able to perform and share a stage with so many superstars that have been through that venue. I had my parents and grandma there and I was talking with my grandma and she said that the last time she was there was to see the Rockets, years ago, a long time ago, so that’s what made it really sync in is how significant the opportunity is, the moment that it was in my life and I 100% will remember that forever.

You and Daniel auditioned for American Idol, is that how you met him?

No, Daniel and I met in Cincinnati, Ohio when the band was on their Taking You tour, that’s when I met all of them. But yeah, I was on American Idol three years before Daniel was. That’s one of the cool things that Daniel and I share is being able to talk about our experiences on the show and how similar it was. It’s cool to have someone who understands the process.

You were in a boyband before?

I was in a boyband for four years. We started off as a band called “Far Young” and then we changed our name and members came and went and we were called “About Last Night” and then it kind of fell apart, for the best, trust me. If it hadn’t fallen apart I wouldn’t be here, it was all for the best. It was a part of life that I learned a bunch from. I can kind of council the boys too, if they need to talk about something, you know? I’ve been in a boyband so I understand the dynamics.

What type of advice have you given the guys from Why Don’t We?

Trust each other, it’s a group effort, no one is bigger than the next person. If the five of you aren’t in sync fully, then it’s not Why Don’t We, if it’s not the five of you then it’s not Why Don’t We. If not everyone is focused or driven, then it won’t work. They definitely listened for sure, they take my opinions seriously, thankfully, which is awesome.

Is you name actually EBEN?

Yeah, it’s on my birth certificate.

I’m sure there are parents of fans that say “Evan” does that annoy you?

Yeah, I’ve learned to accept it, it sounds like Evan, so everyone is going to assume that I said Evan not EBEN. At Starbucks I never get my name spelled right. The worst one was Emmet, I was like WTF, how did you get Emmet from EBEN and every time I pronounce it E-B-E-N, I over pronounce it. My high school diploma they spelled my name wrong, it’s just a part of my life and I’ve fully accepted it and I’m at peace with it, it’s all good.

What can we expect from you next?

A lot of new music, music videos, a lot of performances, touring, there’s going to be a lot of EBEN in 2019.

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Written by Will Heffernan