Exclusive Interview: Elisa talks new single “No One Compares”

Born in Amsterdam, Elisa comes from a multicultural background. From a Dutch musical family, she started singing at church at the young age of 6 years old, being exposed to a full spectrum of Gospel music by the time she was ten years old. Elisa attended the Lucia Marta’s Academy of Dance and Music. She graduated with a major in music performance and dance. 

The artist and entrepreneur, owner of three businesses, uses her multiple backgrounds and experiences to bring depth and originality in her creations. She speaks three languages and everything she does stems from her ambition to reach the very top, no matter what project she undertakes.

Elisa appeared on the Netherlands TV networks, RTL 4 and also appeared in the series the X-Factor on RTL5. While in Los Angeles, she made connections with the Queen of R&B/Soul, Mary J. Blige. Mary’s organization was in need of backup singers for a US Tour. Elisa won the audition and started touring the states, singing with Mary J. Blige. 

Upon returning to Amsterdam, Elisa worked extensively with her own eight-piece R&B and Jazz group, and she played dates in Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Greece, Germany, and Italy, performing in venues such as the Bulldog, the Ritz, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

While returning back to Amsterdam, Elisa started working on her album and wrote a hit song that was being picked up by radio 538 and it became a big electro-pop dance hit all over Europe. Elisa just got back from a big tour performing in Asia, and Dubai, with a live band and dancers. Her latest single, “No One Compares” featuring Outlaw jacc, is out and available on all streaming platforms.

Hello Elisa, welcome to CelebMix! Congrats on your latest release ‘No One Compares’ – can you tell us a little bit more about this single?

“No One Compares” is about a Bonnie and Clyde type love song, recorded with my ex-boyfriend Outlaw jacc, we used to travel all the time together we were inseparable, and we used to record songs at my home studio in California. We decided to record this song together..cause we also planned to get this show on the road, and perform no one compares, but unfortunately Outlaw jacc passed away! So we dedicated this song to him, and to anyone else out there that lost a loved one! 

On ‘No One Compares’ you collaborated with Outlaw jacc – are you planning to team up with some other artists on your upcoming projects? What are some of the musicians you would love to work with?

I’d love to work with Scott Storch in the future, he is one of my favorite producers,

You are a real businesswoman! You run your own label, lounge, swimwear brand, and now you are kicking off a music career! Where do you find the time and passion for all that?

I love what I do, and I also love to make people happy, so the passion is naturally there, the time I just make by working harder, trying to get everything done!

What are the biggest challenges you faced while recording new music and preparing to launch your music career during the pandemic?

The uncertainty of life..but that only made me realize that life is only so short, so it made me go even harder.

What inspires you in your daily life? Especially when it comes to writing music?


What’s next for Elisa? Are you planning to drop new music anytime soon?

We are going on tour with the band..stay tuned cause we will be in a city near you soon…and new music is also coming soon.

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Written by Lena

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