Exclusive Interview: Evie Theodorou discusses journey to becoming a triple threat

It’s not easy being a triple threat but Evie Theodorou is someone who makes it look like a breeze. The actress, recording artist and model has recently taken the entertainment industry by storm showcasing her talent in every way possible. At a young age, Evie confidently walked the runway and naturally found her way of pursuing a career in acting and singing. This year, we’ll be receiving not only a new TV mini-series, Nancy Mindy, but also an upcoming EP! We had the pleasure to chat with Evie to learn more about her upbringing and much more!

First of all, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and how you got your start in your field?
I began modeling and acting when I was 5. I started out doing a lot of print and commercial work back in my hometown. My parents told me that when I was little I would tell them that I wanted to be on the TV someday, meaning a movie/film or singing to a crowd of thousands. And now I’m here in the city where dreams are made, working on mine.

When was the moment you realized, this is a career you want to pursue and commit to?
I have always known acting and singing would be my passion but I would say the last few years have really been the turning point for me.

Being a triple threat, is there one field you’d like to venture more into either now or further in the future?
Wow, that’s a hard question. I have a passion to touch so many lives through singing and acting, so I think I will just enjoy working hard on everything.

You have so many upcoming projects in the works. Let’s start with your EP! What can you tell us about it and what was it like for you putting it together?
Yessssss, my EP is so amazing! I had an amazing producer and songwriter on my team. The songs showcase me as an artist in a variety of settings. My team is just SO amazing and magic was made!

With a music video, single, and upcoming EP all under your belt, what do you want to accomplish in your singing career?
I hope to be touring, sharing my music, and my voice.

You also have your new web series coming out this summer too. What’s the premise of your new series?
I play the lead role, Nancy Mindy. She is a teen who is trying to navigate the typical teen life while having a calling to make a difference to everyone she meets.

Other than singing and acting you’re also a model! With so many eyes on you in no matter what you choose to take on, how did you go about gaining confidence?
I believe confidence is different for everyone. For me, it’s about embracing who I am and knowing that I am the best version of me and to always speak positivity.  

For you, how do you go about balancing every project you work on and projects you want to pursue?
Projects give me fuel, or the drive to be better at my craft. I have a great support system and strong faith that keeps me balanced.

As you’re continuing to build your resume, what do you hope to achieve careerwise?
There are so many things I am currently working on for my future. Maybe you will see me on tour or on the big screen. I will always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Since you’re always on the go, what do you do to relax when you have a few days off?
I love playing my guitar. It’s so relaxing to me. I also enjoy getaways to my lake house.

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

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