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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Forever in Your Mind

Euphoric: a sense of freedom, an intense excitement, and happiness. Forever in Your Mind, a band consisting of Ricky Garcia, Emery Kelly and Liam Attridge are currently on their Euphoric Tour and it 100% fits that description. It’s an intimate tour with fun music and has some great dancing included, the audience also has the opportunity to meet the band as they are very friendly and love taking the time to chat with fans.

CelebMix had the chance to talk with the guys backstage before their show in Boston, MA.

What’s the message behind Euphoric?

Emery: I think the message behind it is just for everybody to have a good time when they come here. Whenever we have a show, we will always meet everybody that’s there, we’ll always take pictures with everyone, we’ll always be kind, we’ll always thank the parents. It’s just a show about spreading positivity, spreading love and just listening to good music.

Ricky: Basically, the definition of euphoric is feeling a sense of wonderment and fulfillness. We want people to be so happy at the end. When we get off stage, we’re always “oh we want to see the rest of the people,” even though we do meet and greets, even though we do VIP’s, we like to stick around after and meet everyone that comes to the show just because they pay good money. Our fans have been waiting forever and some people have never met us, it’s their first time and we’ve been together just for five years.

Emery: If somebody doesn’t have the money to buy VIP and they haven’t met us, we take that into consideration as in like “hey look, even if you bought VIP, no matter what we’ll still try to meet everybody.” If shows get bigger, if we do arena tours or anything, of course it’s going to be a lot harder but these shows, the past few weeks have been really intimate, really good decent size crowds. We’ve just been very lucky enough that we’ve been able to meet everybody alongside the tour and it’s super fun and we’re very grateful that we get to meet such amazing people around the country.

Whose idea was it to put on this small and intimate tour?

Liam: We wanted to do a headlining tour but it’s sort of like a grassroots tour where we’re doing smaller venues and it’s about meeting our fans and seeing our fans in places that we haven’t been to before and revisiting places that we know we have fans in.

Emery: Yeah, so that when we come back for a bigger show, they’ll remember the experience that they had with us at the little show and they’ll want to experience that again, or they might want to bring a friend or two or even bring their family. It’s really cool that we get the opportunity to also get to know them throughout the tour as well.

Do you have a favorite song from the album?

Ricky: I think we all like “X Did.”

Liam: “X Did” and “Rabbit Hole.”

Emery: I like “X Did” and “Rabbit Hole.” The four songs on the EP are a really good mesh. We worked on this EP throughout the course of a year and it’s just four songs. It’s like we made this album, the Euphoric album, we had all those songs that were super good and really touching hearts and we were just like “you know what why don’t we just make an EP,” because to make a song takes a lot of time and to master it takes a lot of time too. We wanted to drop music fast because we didn’t put out music in over a year.

Ricky: With the first EP and ever since the very first song we released, “Sweet Little Something,” our music has always changed. When we put out our first EP, it was an introduction to the young pop/rock side. Then we started to making Christmas songs and we wanted to make a little older music and I think everyone at that age is always ready to take the next step, but it took some time and we made the music and let people here it and they really liked it so then we started transitioning into “Smooth” then “Missing.” It was just a really fun process.

What does it feel like to know that this is the first EP that you’ve done on your own?

Liam: We were really lucky to be able to put out music we wrote. With this EP it was our choice what songs to put on the EP, so we had both control over that and we also had control over the sound, which is something, with a label, you don’t always get control over. This one was definitely more what we wanted.

Do have a favorite memory from this tour so far?

Emery: I don’t count the Vidcon show that we just did as part of the Euphoric Tour, but that show was so much fun. I was really in it and I got super sweaty and I was jamming out and I remember when all of us were doing that part in “Rabbit Hole,” when there’s no music but we sing “for the first time I can’t let go,” right before the last drop I said, “let’s get hype,” and everybody just started jumping. What was weird is that in the beginning of that set, nobody was really getting it, there were some people grooving, as the songs progressed, everybody started getting it, they’re like “ok,” then the last one they were going crazy, it was a mosh-pit.

Ricky: I just went to Coachella recently and I’m obsessed with a lot of artists that go there and we were in the pit, in the huge crowd where everyone’s watching, and everyone’s just clustered in that and you have no other options than just sit there and enjoy the music. When you’re watching, the music is making your whole entire body vibrate. It’s just on another level, I can’t even imagine watching Eminem right up there and everyone jumping. Music makes you feel a certain type of way, every different song makes someone feel completely different but it just somehow brings us all together, which is so beautiful.

In honor of your band name, what’s one thing that’s “forever in your mind?”

Liam: Pizza and Fortnite.

Emery: The strive for knowledge.

Ricky: I would say creativity.

Emery, how did you land the role in Alexa and Katie?

Emery: Funny enough, I got a producer call for it, that’s where I saw you (Ricky). Funny enough, we have a whole bunch of acting friends in LA and I was hanging out with my friend Peyton Meyer, who was on this TV show called Girl Meets World, the spinoff of Boy Meets World and he got off this show and he was looking for work just like I was, and I just got off my contract with Disney. We both go to the audition and I see Ricky there in the waiting room and I was like “oh this is dope, I get to see all the homies at this audition,” cause what’s cool about auditioning is that there’s no jealously in auditioning with friends, because no matter what, if they choose you, they choose you for you, there’s nothing better or worse why they didn’t or why they did. I remember going in and seeing Ricky, hanging with Peyton and I left and then I got a call saying they want to do a chemistry read. So, I go in, I meet Isabel, who plays Katie and I already knew Paris, who is Alexa, and I did the chemistry read, it went really well, and they said we looked really alike and they said you should be her brother and I was all for it. I booked it because I literally look like her brother. If the roles were switched, Ricky could have got the job, or Peyton could have got the job, it just depends on what the image is for the family.

You guys are big into fashion, what’s your go-to clothing for a tour?

Ricky: Go to clothing is probably just tracksuits and stuff that I can rock on a plane basically because we’re flying all the time and we’re going from place to place. We all went through the phase of wearing skinny jeans. When we first released our first EP, we were into that rock kind of like “oh let’s wear skinny jeans all the time,” and these ripped jeans. We still do, I currently like wearing a lot of matching outfits because I like one pieces and they look cool I think, I’m more of a relaxed/chill vibe.

Liam: Skinny jeans for life!

Emery: I love wearing anything crazy.

How do you stay so original and fresh with so many other boy bands around?

Ricky: I think it’s listening to all different styles and also just keeping an open mind.

Liam: The thing with all the four boy bands, Prettymuch, In Real Life, Why Don’t We and us, we all have different styles and I don’t think anyone is copying each other, trying to be each other because everyone has their own distinctive thing about them.

Emery: Coincidentally someone else came out with music that sounds like us. I’m saying that if we came out with a song, like if we dropped our new single and if it sounded like some other artist, it’s because some people get influenced by other people and they feel that same feeling. Some people will be like “oh why did they copy that,” then there will be other people that are like “yeah that’s what I’m feeling.” There’s such a range of different opinions, there’s a lot of different ways to look at it.

Since you guys were on Xfactor, what’s some advice you would give to current contestants on competition shows?

Emery: What I learned is that, I remember being around everybody, like my family and watching them watch me do this, I just remember telling myself “why would I try to be something different than what I am?” When I auditioned for it I was fedora wearing kid, I loved Bruno Mars at the time and I always wore a fedora. I just told myself “what’s the point of me trying to be somebody else?” I’m in this body and this vessel, how am I going to be in that body and that vessel when I’m only connected to this one?” When I was going to sign up, I tried to act like Justin Bieber or Austin Mahone or be really cool like Bruno Mars but then I realized that they want me for me, they don’t want me for who I want to be, I want to be something great, but they want me for what I am now. So, when I went up on that stage I was myself and if I don’t get it, that’s fine.

Ricky: It’s all the process of knowing yourself and learning others, you’re always changing, you’re always growing and stuff too. Just starting out as an artist, you shouldn’t try to be anybody else, just be yourself and I think it’s really important, don’t let anyone change you. It’s easier said than done and people hang around other people that influence them and can sometimes make bad decisions, but you know, at the end of the day, what are you going to be proud of yourself for? What do you want to be remembered by?

Emery: You want to be remembered for who you are.

Liam: I think that those shows, those people have succeeded from originality and it’s such a beautiful thing to see so many different types of voices and not just the same stuff that you’d always hear, it’s so many different types of voices, so many types of different things to where it’s just original. I think that’s what sells.

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Written by Will Heffernan