Exclusive Interview: Gia Woods Chats About “New Girlfriend”

Gia Woods, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is influencing the music industry with confident and powerful tunes about relatable topics for young adults while also empowering listeners around the world. After the success of her last single “Jump The Fence,” Woods has returned to drop her inspiring and fun new single “New Girlfriend.” In an interview with CelebMix, Woods opened up about this track, songwriting and what’s next for her in 2019.

What inspired your new track “New Girlfriend” and what is your favorite part about this single? 

 I love the feeling of this record. It’s such an empowering song for anyone who is going through a break up or getting out of one. And it just makes you wanna dance! 

What makes this song different from other songs you have released in the past? 

The message is definitely different from any other song I’ve put out and it has more of a upbeat rhythm that makes you wanna dance. 

Do you have a favorite lyric from “New Girlfriend” or a line that stands out to you?  

“Bet you I still smell like her perfume.” It reminds me of when you first fall for someone and their perfume is still lingering on your shirt. 

What was the songwriting process like for this single? 

This was a record that I actually had heard through my A&R. I heard the lyric “I like your new girlfriend more than you,” and I was immediately intrigued and connected to the message of the song. So I booked a day with the writers and tweaked some of the lyrics to make it more of my own, and once I finished recording it I knew [that] it had to be one of my singles.

What can you tell us about the music video?

 The making of the video was beyond magical! We spent the day in an all white studio, and had all these different models show up that I scouted from just direct messaging through Instagram. We wanted to have it feel like a 90s Calvin Klein ad, so it was so cool to recreate that. I feel like it just came together so effortlessly!

Are you planning on releasing more singles in the upcoming months?

 Hell yeah! I’m putting so much new music out and I’m not stopping! So you’ll have to stay tuned every month for some new music!

Who have you been listening to recently that you feel like is really taking over the music industry in their own way?

 I really love this artist Dominic Fike. His music feels really genuine and unique and you can tell he’s just being himself. 

What messages do you want to spread with your new music? 

I want people to feel empowered and confident in their own skin. 

If you could trade places with another singer or musician for the day, who would it be and why? 

Probably Paul McCartney because I wonder what he’s doing everyday after all the craziness and success that he’s lived through. He’s an icon!

What makes you excited about the rest of the year? 

 I’m going to finally start playing shows this year, so I’m beyond excited about that and I’ve been making more music that I’m super proud of! So you’ll have to catch some shows at School Night in LA on April 8th or SunFest in Florida on May 5th- more to be announced soon! And then new music every month, so make sure to follow me for all the updates!

“New Girlfriend” is available now for streaming and purchase.

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Written by Alessandra

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