EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Hailey Knox

Hailey Knox is an exciting new rising talent who recently released her new single titled ‘Don’t Got One’ to critical acclaim. The singer also recently filmed the official music video for her latest track in Joshua Tree and is also currently on tour with Ruth B.

Here we speak exclusively Hailey about her new music, touring, future plans, and much, much more;

Growing up, who inspired your love of music?
Growing up my parents would play music all the time. My dad was always jamming out on guitar and my mom would always play music in our living room. She started booking me at local gigs and encouraged me to post and share videos online. My sister also inspired me when we used to perform together and practice harmonies. We are always sharing new artists and music with each other. I also loved watching Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff and all of the music inspired Disney movies. 

What are some of your earliest musical memories?
My dad taught me guitar and when I was little I used to sing along to him playing. There are recordings of me singing “Blackbird” by the Beatles when I was 3 years old and I can barely pronounce half of the words. “Blackbird” was the first song I learned on guitar and I performed it at my 3rd grade talent show!

Who are your all time musical heroes?
Ed Sheeran is one of my musical heroes. I started looping because of him and am still amazed and inspired by how he builds up an entire song with his loop pedal. I also love Beyoncé. Her voice is crazy.

What would be your dream collaboration?
I would love to work with so many artists. It would be incredible to collaborate with Allen Stone, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Aurora, Nao and so many other artists.

You have recently released your latest single “Don’t Got One.” What inspired the track?
When we were in the studio writing “Don’t Got One”, we started talking about the effect social media has on people. From the outside it may look like you have a million friends/followers but in reality it can feel like you have no one. 

How excited are you by the fan response to the single?
Seeing people’s responses to “Don’t Got One” have been so cool. I have been playing this song on my past few tours and was nervous about the release because it’s the first thing I’ve released in over a year. I’m so glad people are enjoying the song and can’t thank everyone enough for all of the positive responses and kind messages I’ve received. :)

You’re also releasing the music video soon. Can you tell us a little about it?
Shooting the music video for “Don’t Got One” was so much fun. The location was so beautiful; I had never been to Joshua Tree before but I hope to go back soon! During the video I am wandering around the desert in search for something. Similar to the lyric of how I have million things but can’t find “one”. I cannot wait for everyone to see the video! 

What do you hope listeners take from your music?
I hope that with these new songs I’ll make people feel something. Whether it’s one of my uptempo songs or more of a ballad, I hope that they can connect to the lyric or sing along to a melody. It’s so crazy seeing someone sing along when I’m performing and I love when people cover my songs online. 

How excited are you to be touring with Ruth B?
Ruth B is so cool. I am a huge fan so just meeting her and getting to hang with her is awesome. Her voice is incredible and hearing her play every night is the coolest.

Your new EP will be released in the Spring. What can fans expect from the record?
There are a lot of songs and people I have been writing/ collaborating with which has been really fun. I feel like with every writing session I learn something new. I’m still writing, creating new music and coming up with ideas but there are a bunch of songs we already have that I feel could make it on the EP. Some of the new songs have more production compared to my first EP.

What are your 2018 career goals?
I am really looking forward to releasing new music this year. I have been writing and creating a lot of new songs so I’d say my goal is to just work/ produce the new music the best we can. I want to really spend time on developing my sound and work more on producing!

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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