Exclusive Interview: Hilary Roberts Talks About Her Fun And Festive Release ‘Christmas With You’

American singer-songwriter Hilary Roberts has had a 2019 of trials and tribulations. From the highs of storming the US and UK charts with song ‘Back to Life’, to rendering some deeply personal emotions throughout ‘Fight to the Other Side’, a track wholeheartedly dedicated to her closest companion Annie Blake. Now Hilary is getting in the festive spirit, with her merry new offering ‘Christmas With You’

We caught up with Hilary Roberts to talk about her hopes and aspirations for the new release and what’s on the cards for her music career moving in 2020. 

You have rounded off your year with the release of the incredible ‘Christmas With You’. Looking back on 2019, what has been the highlight of the year for you?

The highlight of my year was releasing the song ‘Fight to the Other Side’ written for my best friend Annie Blake. That actually wasn’t the highlight of the year, that was the highlight of my life.

Talking of ‘Christmas With You’, the audio strikes the perfect balance between having a very festive sound whilst lyrically encouraging us all to spend time with loved ones this season. Where did this inspiration come from to make the song have such meaningful lyrics?

Damon Sharpe my Grammy award winning producer and Eric Sanicola came up with the idea for the song and it’s about how the holidays can be hard for a lot of people but it’s important to remember to surround ourselves with people important to us. Depending on the background or families we come from, sometimes even our families when it comes down to it, aren’t truly our blood. So encouraging people to get together, no matter who they are to each other is important.  

The song is definitely going to be a staple for many people in the run up to Christmas. How does it feel knowing that the track might be played across thousands of households this festive season? 

It’s so exciting to me that people can be playing ‘Christmas With You’ on Christmas. For me I absolutely love Christmas, I’m like a little kid, but I’m also very sentimental, so what I love about the song is that it’s very cheerful, it makes you smile and it’s very happy. But ultimately, Christmas is not about the money or the presents but more about quality time spent with others. 

Alongside the track, just last week you dropped the accompanying music video for ‘Christmas With You’. What was the best part about filming the video? 

My little doggies were the best part about filming the video for ‘Christmas With You’. I love my dogs so much that I even get them little baggies of presents on Christmas and for a lot of us they are a spirit lifter, so my dogs were definitely my favourite part about making the music video.

Looking back on all your music this year from ‘Back to Life’, ‘Fight to the Other Side’ and ‘Christmas With You’, one common theme all these songs share is their inspirational stories behind each track. Is it easy or hard to write songs that have such a strong lyrical narrative?

Because I have walked a path of trials and tribulations, I put this into my music. My heart wants to help others and lift them up because I know what it’s like to face darkness. Many people often find themselves in a depressive state and they feel no hope in the world, so I like to use my music to hopefully help others. 

Looking forward to 2020, what does the new year hold for Hilary Roberts? 

At the end of January next year we are releasing a song about what a good man looks like, which is so exciting and throughout March/April we are coming back to the UK. The UK has been so beautiful to me, everyone from the fans, radio to the press, they have been so supportive so I am super excited to be coming back next year. 

Check out Hilary Roberts’ ‘Christmas With You’ below. 

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