Exclusive Interview: Hilary Roberts Talks About Her Recent Single Release “Fight To The Other Side”

Hilary Roberts has been wowing fans and impressing industry tastemakers with her sumptuously dulcet tones and touchingly relatable lyrics. Her debut single ‘There For You’ was released last year and reached number 8 in the UK’s Music Week Commercial Pop Chart, as well as entering the Billboard’s Top Ten in their Dance / Club chart in the states. Her newest release, ‘Fight to the Other Side‘ shows a more emotional side to this talented artist and is set to meet and the exceed the success of her first single.

We caught up with Hilary to talk about the origins of her new single, and her personal evolution as an artist.

Hi Hilary! So can you tell us about your brand new single ‘Fight to the Other Side‘?

Hi! ‘Fight to the Other Side’ was written for my friend Annie, who had recently been diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. She had always been a huge support in my life, and now I wanted to be there for my friend who had always encouraged me to continue to fight. It was Annie that had encouraged me to pursue music, so what greater gift could I give this friend of mine who was facing such a horrible disease than a song from the very depths of my soul?

So you recently enlisted the help of your foundation to help Annie even further, how did it feel being able to do this?

It felt like I was making a difference in some sort of way, it was amazing to be able to give money towards a cure, because, ultimately, that would be the greatest thing that could happen, to find a cure for my friend.

Where would be your dream venue to perform in?

Royal Albert Hall in the UK, and The Carnegie Hall in the States!

How do you think your songwriting and performing has evolved and grown throughout your time as a musician?

Oh its grown exponentially, Damon Sharpe, and the entirety of my production team, have really helped grow in this area. I was really scared and shy when I began this journey, and he encouraged me and elevated me to a whole other level, and with his help, I have learned so many things about my music and its purpose.

When do you feel the most inspired to write and produce music?

When something emotionally affects me, or when any emotion starts to overwhelm me, it’s a great way to get all of the emotions out.

Check out Hilary Roberts’ ‘Fight to the Other Side’ below.

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