Jack Broadbent
Jack Broadbent

Exclusive Interview: Jack Broadbent Chats About New Music

Jack Broadbent, hailed “the new master of the slide guitar” by the Montreux Jazz Festival, is catching the attention of music fans around the world with his impressive talent and uniquely crafted style. By mixing various genres in his sound, Broadbent captures listeners who enjoy all genres while still continuing to evolve as an artist. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Jack Broadbent opens up about his new single, touring and much more.

Tell us about your new single “Wishing Well”?  

It’s a song about taking control of things before they pass you by. The idea behind the video was to try and capture the way we feel when we are out of our depth and searching for an answer.

Is this song a departure for you from other of your music?  

It’s not really a departure because I’ve always included more heavy rock on most of my records at some point. I don’t stick to one style, so I never feel anything is really a departure.

Who are your musical influences?  

I love old blues and folk. Touring with some of my heroes has been a real privilege for me. Ronnie Wood, in particular, has been very generous to me in giving me a platform and his support. I’m so grateful!

What do you want new fans to know about you as an artist and a musician?  

I hope people enjoy the songs and the different styles and moods. I want people to feel things when they hear the songs, whatever they need from it.

You have opened up for very impressive acts, including Lynyrd Skynyrd. What has been a major highlight of your career; was it playing with them or recording a certain song?

The Skynyrd tour was my first tour of the USA, that was a big deal for me. Definitely a highlight. As is touring with Ronnie Wood at the minute. It’s been pretty life changing.

If you could create a dream tour for yourself, who would be on the bill with you?

I’d love to tour with Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Rolling Stones. That would be an interesting after-party I’m sure! 

What can fans look forward to in the near or distant future in addition to your new record that was recently released? 

I will be continuing to tour this record into the new year. And recording the next record beginning in January. Full steam ahead! 

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Written by Alessandra

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