Juliette Goglia via Instagram
Juliette Goglia via Instagram

Exclusive Interview: Juliette Goglia Chats About ‘Sweet’

You may recognize and remember Juliette Goglia from her roles in popular tv shows and movies, but she has now shifted her focus to a career in the music industry and is off to an impressive start. Goglia has already proved through her recent singles that she is not just your favourite character on a tv show or in a movie. The ‘Sweet’ singer is now expressing herself through the form of music and has actually been involved and passionate about her craft in the field since a young age. Set to release her debut EP, I’m Not Sweet, later this year, Goglia opened up to CelebMix in an exclusive interview about her recent singles, transitioning from film and tv to music and more.

As many are familiar with your acting, specifically for roles in That’s So Raven, Easy A and more, how difficult or natural has it been to shift your focus/attention towards music?

Music has always been a part of my life since a really young age. I grew up in a very musical family, raised on the Beatles, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, and show tunes. I wrote my first song at 9 years old super naturally. Acting always took a front seat my whole childhood and adolescence, but after studying music in college, it became more evident that I wanted to take it more seriously. I realized that I don’t have to be one thing: an actor or a musician. I can be all the things and pursue several different avenues as forms of creative expression. And realizing I didn’t have to choose was the most freeing and exciting moment for me.

What was the first single off of your EP?

The first single off my EP came out August 16th and it’s called “February.” It’s on all the streaming platforms, so check it out! 

What inspired you to write “Sweet” originally?

As far as “Sweet” goes, this is essentially the title track off my EP, “I’m Not Sweet.” I was fresh out of a long-term relationship, and my friends were setting me up with their friend. Everyone described this guy as “so sweet!” We met a few times and he was lovely, but I just felt the pressure of him wanting me to fit into this “perfect girlfriend” role. I realized the first word that comes to people’s minds when describing me is not “sweet”. And that’s okay! So I wrote this song because I realized I was not ready to start anything new, I hadn’t even begun to heal, and I couldn’t pretend to be this sweet [and] agreeable girl.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP, “I’m Not Sweet,” coming out later this fall?

I’m so excited for everyone to hear my debut EP. Every song is different, yet the album is cohesive. Sonically, I was really inspired by bands like The Vaccines and Snail Mail, but also wanted to incorporate more experimental dream-pop sounds. The songs are really honest. It’s a collection of moments from the last year of my life where I struggled with anxiety, depression, feelings of being stuck, grappling with faith…etc. Things most people in their early twenties go through. So I think my EP will be extremely relatable and hopefully help people put a finger on certain phases they’ve gone through. 

When comparing your connection to acting and singing, what about singing is different and feels closer to home at this point in your life and career?

For me, acting is so enticing because you get to disappear into a different person with every character you play. I think I’ve found a lot of solace in that in the past. I still love bringing myself to certain characters, but at the end of the day, I don’t feel a lot of responsibility– in the sense that, if someone doesn’t like a project, that’s not my fault. I was just one character in it. With writing music though, it’s much more personal to me and it makes me feel much more vulnerable. These are lyrics I wrote and melodies I wrote, and it kind of feels like being naked. But it’s all the more exciting because I’ve finally decided to be unapologetic and I’ve found comfort within the discomfort of it all.

Photo Credit: Geffen Shichor
Photo Credit: Geffen Shichor

If you could collaborate with any producer, artist or band in the future, who would it be and why?

There are so many artists that come to mind, but the top two collaboration dreams for me would be The 1975 and St. Vincent. Both of these artists go so far with experimenting and creating new sounds while combining them with really raw lyrics, which is so attractive to me. I also love the direction The 1975 is going in with being more politically outspoken with their music. I feel as artists we have every right to speak up about injustices and when you can combine it with killer music, that’s so impressive. St. Vincent is just one of the best artists of our time– her creativity and authenticity are unparalleled. If I were in a room with her, I don’t even know if I could form a sentence, let alone write a song.

What do you want new fans of yours to know about you and your music?

I’m learning and creating as I go. As divisive as times can be, people have always come together through music. So I hope my record makes you think, makes you feel less alone and make you feel good. While the things I write about may be more specific to young adults, it’s things we have all gone through or will go through. So if there’s one person out there who hears one of my songs and thinks, “Oh my god. I’ve literally felt exactly that,” making the entire record will have been worth it for me. And I hope you guys follow me as I continue to experiment and grow. 

What is one of your goals for the rest of 2019?

I have an exciting announcement for my plans during November and December, but it’s a little too soon to let you guys know what I’ll be up to… stay tuned. Other than that vague news, my goal for 2019 is to continue to create things even while I’m putting out this project. It’s so easy to get lost in the promotion and the release specifics, but if I can continue to take time for myself and write, then I’ll feel more balanced and feel stronger going into 2020. 

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