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Exclusive Interview: Keith L. Williams is ready for the ‘Good Boys’ sequel

Ever wondered what Superbad would be like if it were kids playing the part and not teenagers? Cue Good Boys which was released this past summer. The film centers around three best friends: Max (Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon), and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) who are all invited to their very first kissing party and being 12-year-olds, they needed advice on how to kiss. In an attempt to spy on Max’s neighbor with his dad’s drone to learn some tips, the three end up losing the drone during the process. The classic behind-the-parents-back plot ensues and the three best friends work together to replace it before anyone notices. The wild shenanigans will take you back to when you were in middles school up to no good with your best friends. Trust us, you’ll leave the theater with a huge smile on your face.

We had the amazing chance to chat with one of the lead stars, Keith L. Williams, to chat all about the movie and what’s next for his career. Also, can we get a campaign started on Good Boys 2? Check out the interview below. 

Before we dive into your new movie, can you tell us a bit when you realized you wanted to pursue a career as an actor?
Oh wow. I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in acting, after watching my older brother, Heath, who’s also an actor, prepare for his characters and I was so amazed by it. By watching him, I realized that this was something I really wanted to do and excel.

Is there an actor you absolutely aspire to be like?
I aspire to be as great, diverse and strong in my characters as Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker.

Do you remember what your first day on an actual set was like for you? What did you expect that first day ever of your career?
My first day on set, felt like every first day on set, kind of magical. There’s always excitement and good vibes on the set because everyone is happy to be there, doing something that they’re passionate about. I expected on that first day of my career, to be the beginning of my life journey. 

Finally had a chance to watch The Good Boys and it was amazing! How did this role come about?
I was called in for the audition, reading for another role and casting absolutely loved me! So they called me back and asked me to read for the role of Lucas, and after that, the rest is history!  

After reading the script and portraying the role of Lucas, how similar would you say you are to your character?
I feel a similarity between Lucas and myself because, like me, he’s the good kid of the bunch. The voice of reason and definitely the innocent one of the Bean Bag Boys. 

Your character is part of choir and S.C.A.B. is there or were there any clubs you were ever part of or wish to be part of?
I would love to start my own anti-bullying campaign. I’m also a vocal supporter of the non-profit organization, The Palace of A.U.T.I.S.M in Arlington, Texas. 

Each of your characters goes through some pretty crazy shenanigans. What was your favorite scene to film? What was the hardest scene to film?
My favorite scene to film was a scene that didn’t make the final cut. We were singing and had choreography to the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. The most challenging scene to film was probably, again the scene with music and choreography. We were running across the mall cafeteria and jumping from table to table. It was challenging because it was so tiring, but still so much fun! 

You were on set with some amazing actors! What’s one thing you took away while filming? Is there any advice you received from the other actors?
The writer and director, Lee Eisenberg, inspired and encouraged me to branch out into other fields of TV and Film, such as behind the scenes work including writing, directing and producing which I intend on doing very soon.  

Now that Good Boys is out, what’s next for you? What do you hope to eventually do in the future?
I do have a few projects in the works that I’m very excited about being a part of. As far as my hopes to eventually do in the future, can we cross our fingers for a Good Boys 2? That would be epic! 

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

I reference anything and everything to Lizzie McGuire. Follow me on Twitter + Instagram: @ashleeeybash. I respond 99.9% of the time.