Photographer: John Bregar0
Photographer: John Bregar

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Laura Vandervoort

With fall in the air, we can expect the return of three things: pumpkin spice everything, our favourite TV shows, and some seriously scary horror movies with Halloween coming up. We don’t know where she stands with pumpkin spice, but we definitely remember Laura Vandervoort from shows such as SmallvilleSupergirl, and Bitten. – and soon, she’ll be in the much-anticipated installment of the Saw movie franchise, Jigsaw.

New to the whole series? Saw follows the many tricks and traps created by John Kramer, taking a different approach to killing his victims by testing his victims’ will to survive with these traps. A horror movie fan herself, Laura Vandervoort is just as excited for the film! She plays the mysterious character of Anna, one of the people stuck in the series’ notorious traps. More than a decade after the first film’s 2004 release, Jigsaw is the eighth film in this series. Since then, the Saw franchise has become one of the biggest horror movie franchises in the world.

What should we expect from Anna and Jigsaw? Laura chatted with CelebMix about her character and her experience working on the film!

Filming for Jigsaw started last fall, and the film is set to release this year on Halloween – how are you feeling about the film’s release?

I am thrilled. Very excited to see it all come together. I know that our directors Michael and Peter Spierig made a great film. They were incredible to work with. I’ve always been a fan of the horror/psychological thriller genre. I haven’t seen the film yet. When it releases, I will be in South Africa working and hope to see it in the theatre while I’m there.

You’re no stranger to playing roles with a prominent place in pop culture, having played the part of Kara Zor-El in Smallville, Elena in Bitten, and Indigo in Supergirl. Since the first movie in the series’ release in 2005, The Saw franchise has become one of the biggest horror movie franchises in the world. What is it like to portray roles in storylines with such a massive international following?

I have been very lucky to be a part of these genres. Whether it be a superhero franchise or horror, it is always very exciting to jump in and partake. It is encouraging to know that the fans of these genres are anticipating the next installment, that they themselves carry so much knowledge about the history of the projects or characters.

In Jigsaw, the film takes an extra mysterious turn when a murder investigation points to John Kramer, who’s been dead for a decade – an investigation that your Jigsaw character, Anna, is involved with. Can you tell us a little bit more about Anna?

I definitely don’t want to give anything away, haha. The audience meets Anna for the first time in one of John Kramer’s traps. She is the character we hope the audience will root for. She is smart, seemingly normal and innocent. Anna is very methodical about how to escape the situation, often leading the group. She is strong and determined. However, as fans of the Saw franchise will know, anyone in John Kramer’s traps usually deserves to be there. Anna just may have the darkest secret of them all.
She is the character we hope the audience will root for.

What about the film or the character made you want to take this role?

I have always wanted to be a part of a horror film. Saw is one of the biggest horror movie franchises in the world! I was already a fan of the franchise as well as of Michael and Peter. I jumped at the chance to have a meeting with them. Once I knew more about Anna and her backstory, I was eager to dig in and portray her. Michael and Peter asked me whether I’d want to be in the traps or on the other end. I said, “Are you kidding me? Throw me in the traps!”

Was there anything you did before or while on set to help prepare for your role and get into the mindset of Anna?

Outside of working through the script and understanding the character’s motives and backstory, often times if the role is emotionally heavy, I’ll turn to music. Music is such a powerful tool to pull out our deepest emotions. I made a little playlist that felt right for Anna. Before the heavy scenes, I would listen to it on my own somewhere in a corner of the set. Focusing on the things in my own personal life that would draw out those emotions. It’s a bit of self-inflicted emotional torture.

Are there any elements of Anna’s personality that you identify with?

Yes and no. I identify with her need to always have everything under control. However, there are so many things I couldn’t relate to, things I don’t want to give away.
Photographer: John Bregar
Photographer: John Bregar

If you had to be any Jigsaw character other than Anna for a day, who would you be?

John Kramer!

What was your favourite part of filming?

Working with Michael and Peter. Also checking off a bucket list experience, being a part of the horror franchise.

If Kara (Smallville), Indigo (Supergirl), Elena (Bitten) and Anna (Jigsaw) were all stuck in one of Jigsaw’s traps, who do you think would have the best or worst chance at survival and why?

Wow, let’s see. Kara/Supergirl would be out in a second. With heat lasers from her eyes, she could break through any chains. She’s supernaturally strong and could break through any walls. Mind you if kryptonite is around, she’s screwed. Also not to mention, she can fly. Indigo would merely turn into particles and basically teleport out. Elena would fight and muscle her way through it all and murder everyone around her. So I guess I’d have to say Anna has the least chance. She’s merely human.

It’s been almost seven years since the latest Saw movie was released, what can avid Saw fans expect from Jigsaw?

They can expect new thrills. With our directors, they can expect more of a psychological horror. The audience will still get the blood and horror they expect but in a more cerebral, emotional way.

How would you describe Jigsaw for audiences in three words?

Piercing. Consuming and Dark.

Jigsaw will be out in theatres on October 27th.

Seems like Jigsaw is the movie to see this fall! How excited are you to see the film? Let us know by tweeting us at @CelebMix.

Written by Kath Jiang

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