EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Luxia

Need a dose of playful pop to make you get up and dance? Luxia is the right artist for you! With a charmingly fun personality that shines through in her music, you’ll be singing along in no time.

We chatted with Luxia about musical inspiration, mental health, and future plans!

How would you describe your musical sound in three words?

Pure. Playful. Electric 

What first inspired you to pursue music as a professional career?– 

When I was 15 we had a cabaret in school. After that people just came up to me and looked amazed, told me how good it sounded, and that I should do something with my talent.

Who is one artist you’d love to collaborate with? 

Michael Jackson – Such a genius and I just Love his sound, voice, lyrics, presence. He’s also my only true Idol. Someone alive I would go for is Katy Perry, love her music! Her sound is amazing! It seems like she’s not taking herself too seriously which is great considering how big of an artist she is! Love that! A kid heard her new song “Swish Swish” and thought it was me singing! A real compliment!

What would you say is the greatest challenge about the beginning stages of making your own music? 

Practical things like you need to give yourself the time and space and maybe a tool, like an instrument, for example,  to let your music flow out of you! When I felt lost for a while, actually my Aunt Cilla advised me to just put myself in the room with the piano, close the door and don’t come out till something’s come out of me! And so I did! And it was excellent advice! And I thank her for that! 

You recently released the music video for “Me My Selfie, and I”. What was one of your favourite memories from filming the music video?

I love working with Josy and Ryan (Stand and Stare Media) who shot and directed the video. Their ideas and energy just made everything so much fun! I had some crazy moments of me changing outfits between two cars in a middle of a hot sunny London haha!

Which artists have you currently been listening to frequently?

Usually, I don’t listen to one artist intensely since I need a lot of quiet moments. But at the moment I very much enjoy Katy Perry’s new song “Swish Swish”.   

I’m still in love with Kavinsky’s song “Nightcall”!!!!! After seeing the movie “Drive” I was so inspired by that Kavinsky sound! So in the beginning when living in Paris,  I worked with producers and had some of my songs created with that ‘Kavinsky feeling’. 

I also like the Swedish singer songwriter Laleh.

(Rare that I listen intently to EVERYTHING an artist does. Since I’m hyper sensitive to composition sound melody voice – it’s usually just one song or max two songs from an artist that I like.) 

You’re very open about the topic of mental health, is there any advice you have to those looking to take the first steps towards help?

Contact the nearest health center for a start and see if they can ‘investigate’ you – you have the right to get help. Or contact a psychologist directly. There are also ‘alternative’ options – I went for 10 days to a meditation center -Vipassana. That exists all over the world and is a nonprofit organization. Also I’ve looked at many of Eckhart Tolle’s videos on YouTube for guidance. That has helped me in my darkest moments. Not an easy task being a human being! But just know that you are not alone! 

What are some hobbies you enjoy when you’re not making music

I’m a real wild child! Love being in nature, laying in the grass, hugging trees and swimming in the sea. Feel the existence! I love sports – I mostly do Muay Thai (thaiboxing which is not kickboxing but I do a mixture of both), I dance, yoga and go to the gym- it’s called being hyperactive ;). Love watching movies. Love being with family and friends and to Make each other laugh!

Are you currently working on any upcoming releases for fans to look forward to?

I am I am I am!!! So excited for you to see/listen!!! My next release is called ‘Welcome to Loserville, population 1…YOU!!’

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans

I love you! Thank you for all your support it means everything to me!!! Thank you for being who you are. You can do anything you wanna do! Believe in yourself! Stay connected :) 

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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