EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Marianas Trench’s Josh Ramsay

Pop group Marianas Trench could not look more rock inspired but their all out pop sound makes for a refreshing twist to their somewhat edgy look.

This May the group are touring Europe, performing in five countries. The full tour details are as follows:

May 1, 2017 Bristol, UK The Fleece
May 2, 2017 Birmingham, UK O2 Institute 2
May 4, 2017 Liverpool, UK O2 Academy 2
May 5, 2017 Sheffield, UK O2 Academy 2
May 6, 2017 Edinburgh, UK Liquid Room
May 8, 2017 Newcastle, UK O2 Academy 2
May 9, 2017 Manchester, UK Gorilla
May 11, 2017 Portsmouth, UK Wedgewood Rooms
May 12, 2017 London, UK Koko
May 13, 2017 Brighton, UK The Haunt
May 15, 2017 Paris, FR Les Étoiles
May 16, 2017 Zürich, SUI Dynamo
May 18, 2017 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso Noord
May 19, 2017 Berlin, GER Musik & Frieden
May 20, 2017 Hamburg, GER Indra
May 22, 2017 Cologne, GER Gebaude 9
May 23, 2017 Antwerp, BE Kavka

Here we speak exclusively to lead singer Josh Ramsay about co-writing Carly Rae Jepsen’s global smash-hit ‘Call Me Maybe’, Marianas Trench’s new tour, music plans and lots more.

Hi Josh, what was it like when ‘Call Me Maybe’ became a massive success?

It’s like winning the lottery, I guess. I don’t care who you are, a hit like that comes down to a lot of luck too. There’s no predicting that. I felt very lucky and grateful. Getting to take my family to the Grammys as a nominee for song of the year was a great feeling.

This will be Marianas Trench’s first full UK tour, how excited are you about hitting the road?

Can’t wait! I love it there. From the crazy pub culture, to the double decker tour busses, to the awesome mod fashion. I love it all. And the UK has such an artistically open culture, historically. From Shakespeare to the Beatles, that is a nation that appreciates real art, and what we do is not the cookie cutter pop music generally associated with North America. I feel like the UK is a very open and welcoming environment to what we do.

What can fans expect from your shows?

High energy, theatricality, and spontaneity. And a singer who always ends up saying something inappropriate. I just can’t help myself.

Which city are most looking forward to performing in?

I’m just excited to be invited anywhere. As a musician, any day that people want to come see you is a good day. But I will say that last time, we had a roaring good time on a day off in Manchester. Out and about with the proper lads, causing a ruckus.

What is the best and worst thing about touring?

[the best is] Doing what I love and what I was born to do, everyday. Meeting fans and seeing new places and cultures. The worst is probably the difficulty maintaining all your relationships back home. And laundry. God, the laundry.

Do you guys have any annoying habits that get on each others nerves while touring?

Hahaha ever spend so much time with someone that everything annoys you? “look at him, just sitting there eating his food like a total asshole”  

Your new single ‘Who Do You Love’ is out now, what has the reaction been like? 

In Canada, it has been our biggest hit at radio to date, and I’m grateful that ten years in, people continue to like what we do. And I can’t take credit for it, but a lot of people have been inspired from the video, and I love that. I was inspired too.

You guys look like a rock group but are very much a pop band, do you think people embrace your look and sound?

That’s because my tastes are eclectic. I love, and draw from, every genre of music. I was a late bloomer to the pop world. I came from rock, but my natural sense of melody was better suited for pop. So I evolved organically into writing pop, but with a rock edge and approach. Big explosive choruses and lots of drama and dynamics. Most pop artists don’t do it that way. We maintain a lot of rock elements in our sound. Pop singers don’t generally rip into rock screams like I do. And as for fashion, I where rock chic, from any era. In my opinion, the image of a rock-star is timeless, while pop stars date themselves to their times. And what can I say? I look good in leather pants, eye makeup and no shirt, while causing trouble. I’ll leave the clean cut pop star thing to the Disney kids. I’m a rock and roller at heart, and a Gemini. That means part of me came to make the world a better place, and the other half wants to burn this bitch to the ground. I am who I am and I don’t apologise for it. And you definitely want me in the mix at your next awards show or party.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose? 

Well there’s the obvious: Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, Brian Wilson and so on. But honestly, I would go Shakespeare. He wrote words together on paper as beautifully as Monet painted colours together on canvas. Truly gorgeous writing.  

What do you hope to achieve in the next ten years?

I want to keep challenging myself and growing musically. As an artist, there’s nothing more satisfying than surprising yourself and surpassing your own expectations. Plus, I want to win the Grammy next time. And there will be a next time. People have asked me if I think i’ll ever be able to duplicate that level of success with another song. My answer: Would you bet on the guy who’s never done it, or the guy who has? If I could do it once…

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