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Exclusive Interview: Mayday Parade Chat About Sad Summer Festival

Mayday Parade are currently busy touring the United States and their fans are loving every second of it. With tons of energy both on and off stage, this band never disappoints and supporters have remained dedicated to them and their music for over a decade now.

They have much more in store for the rest of 2019 and definitely in the distant future as well…but for now, they’re taking over the world one show at a time once again during the Sad Summer Music Festival. This festival features State Champ, The Maine and The Wonder Years.

In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Jeremy from Mayday Parade opened up about touring, fans and much more.

How has tour been going so far? Do you have a favorite tour stop or city to perform in? 

Tour has been going great! Our favorite place to play has always been New Jersey, but I can honestly say every date of this tour has been awesome. The crowd has brought so much energy to every show of this tour it’s been amazing.

Your fans have supported you for a while and are still just as dedicated, if not more! What is it like to have that support system?

It’s humbling to know we have fans who are so enthusiastic about our music. We’ve been doing this for 15 years now and it always blows me away to see so many people singing back to us on stage. On this tour, we got to celebrate with one of our fans who that day would get to see us perform for their 100th time. That takes some real dedication!

How do you think social media has changed your connection and communication with your fans?

When we started, social media was such a small thing, but in order for bands to thrive in today’s age, you have to have a strong social media presence to compete with all the other bands out there. Fans want to feel a connection with the band, not just the music. I almost feel like it’s mandatory for a band to have a photographer with them now. We try and post a few things each day from the band account to update fans and keep that connection.

If you could collaborate with another band or artist this year, who would you all like to work with and why?

Hmmm.. I guess I would pick the Wonder Years. We’re currently doing the Sad Summer Festival with them, and watching them play I feel like if we wrote a song together it would come out with a cool sound.

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What can you tell us about your project for “Punk Goes Acoustic” and the inspiration behind it?

Well for Punk Goes Acoustic, we thought it would be nice to do an acoustic rendition of one of our songs from “Anywhere But Here” since we are celebrating 10 years of that album this year. To be honest, I can’t remember the inspiration behind the song since it’s been 10 years at this point, but I think it revolved around the struggle of keeping a relationship alive while being on the road.

What has been a major highlight for Mayday Parade so far? Is there a performance or achievement that really sticks out to you?

Every year I feel like there is some new achievement we reached, or a new experience we shared. This year it would be putting together a festival that would hopefully grow in years to come. Honestly, that’s probably one of the biggest achievements to date, and even though we are just a small cog in the machine, knowing we had a hand in shaping the festival and seeing it grow is an awesome feeling.

Can we expect a new album or body of work this year? What can fans look forward to after the tour concludes? 

We are currently working on new material, and already have some days locked off to start recording some things. I’m not sure when we will have an album out, but it is something we are working on. We also have plans to tour this fall, and some overseas dates that will be coming up rather soon.


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