EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Milestones

We’ve been telling you a lot about Milestones recently and with good reason. The Manchester-based quartet has just released their debut album Red Lights via Fearless Records. We checked out the album and you can read our review here. Alongside this, we talked to Milestones guitarist Eden Leviston about all things music so read on to get an insight into their world!

Right now youre gearing up for the release of your debut album Red Lights. Whats the lead up to the release been like for you?

It’s been incredible! From the moment we released our first single Paranoid we were getting battered by a constant stream of messages from people who have never heard our music before saying it was “what they had been waiting for” in the scene, as it seems that no band is trying to bring back the classic early 2000’s pop punk/pop rock vibe. I think a lot of people find our new releases very nostalgic as well as being modern. We’ve also had the opportunity to hold a few contests for exclusive Red Lights content and due to our sudden influx of fans, these have been a lot more of a success than they would’ve been a few months ago. But yeah everything has been very overwhelming and a really gratifying experience which has also helped us solidify in our minds why we have done all of this in the first place, just can’t wait to actually release the album now.

You worked with Phil Gornell known for his work with All Time Low and You Me At Six. Can you tell us about the recording process?

Of course. We had all worked with Phil on previous projects in the past so, naturally, we’re all incredibly close. We always record in a relaxed environment, until you play something wrong for the 20th time in a row and have a book thrown at your head. Phil usually takes a passenger seat role in the recording process, he will sometimes make considerable changes to the structure of the song itself which is usually quite useful because the only person we’ve had to critique us beforehand is ourselves. To have an outside opinion of someone who actually knows what they’re on about is one of the most beneficial things we’ve had recording this album. In regards to the actual recording process itself we tend to just allow one member to sit with Phil at a time to reduce pressure and allow everyone else to chill out, read a book, play some ps4, watch a show or have some food so they can also come back to recording feeling refreshed and not rushed into anything. There were a few times when we stayed and thought of new parts all night which sometimes just ended up stressing us out more and coming back the next morning only to realise that it actually sucked and we got rid of it anyway.

Musically does Red Lights follow the sound of BitterSweetHeart and Paranoid? 

For the majority of the album, yes. We also have a few songs which are a lot more downbeat and heartfelt which I have a feeling will be real favourites such as Hold On, Against the World & Counting Cars.

Youve previously said Red Lights is about using demons to become the best version of yourself. What inspired the songs throughout the album to have this direction?

I think Matt would have the best answer for this as it’s personal stuff that he’s been through. Although parts of Red Lights is relevant to stuff we’ve all been through such as breakups, hard times and overcoming the seemingly impossible. We also feel that this is things that absolutely everyone will go through at some point in their lives and all we want is for people to take comfort in knowing that anything is overcome-able and that pain is not just a setback but a chance to heal and become stronger.

Youve played shows in America, supported Taking Back Sunday and signed to Fearless Records but whats been the biggest milestone in your career so far?

Personally, I think our biggest “Milestone” so far is just the fact we’ve had the opportunity to see pretty much all of the world and meet incredible people. In any other world, you’d be paying hundreds, maybe thousands to see what we’ve seen. From waking up in front of the French Alps to playing to thousands of people a night in the states to swimming in Lag La Cauma in Switzerland which is pretty much a Disney landscape but in real life, crystal blue water and towering pine trees backed up beautiful snowy mountains. Okay, I sound like a travel brochure now I’m in the wrong job right?

Do you feel the bands you listened to growing up have influenced your sound at all?

When growing up we all listened to early noughties pop rock/pop punk such as Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41, Secondhand Serenade etc etc. I think because we looked up to all of these bands so much it unconsciously (okay maybe a bit consciously) sneaked it’s way into our writing. I think, personally, that it’s great though because we can partially relive our childhood through our own music and I only hope that everyone who listens can feel the same.

Can you sum up Red Lights in five words?

Your Grandparents won’t like it.

From your own lyrics which is your favourite and why?

“These are the scars that I’ve made into art” – Simply because in the past I think I’ve been far too concerned with how shit I feel and just dwelling on it then falling into a rut. It’s takes a lot to pull yourself out of something like that and finding what you’re passionate about and channeling your emotions through that certainly is one of the best ways.

What are you hoping to have achieved in the next ten years?

To be able to afford to survive comfortably with my own family and continue to do what I love, seen more of the world & to have met more fans!

Whats on the cards for Milestones in 2018?

We have our own headliner booked for March as an opportunity to play a shed load of songs off Red Lights, it’s the least we can do for everyone who’s been so patient waiting for the album. We’re also yet to release one more music video (as of 21st February), we also have a short run organised closer to summer with the beautiful boys in Broadside and a lot more still in the works. Now all the serious stuff is out the way…… Probably a lot of watching Mark smoke because he hates going by himself, more photos of my hair covering my face at shows, more stupid tweets from Drew & about a million more band twitter name changes because Matt thinks he’s a comedic genius.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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