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Exclusive Interview: Plastic Martyr talks about her latest single “Love In the Dark”

Taking inspiration from Marilyn Manson at a young age, Plastic Martyr vowed to fulfil her chosen purpose in life: “I want to be a Rocker”. Perceiving herself as a huge misfit, the artist decided to carve her own space and share her experiences with the audience. Today, as Martyr navigates her career through the lens of activism and professionalism, she has successfully established herself as an actor, a model, and a social advocate.

Signed under Capitol Records, the artist has released her new single “Love In the Dark”. While the song is inspired from her personal life it also touches upon the issue of toxic relationship, something that most of us can relate to. 

Plastic took her own experiences, and put them down on paper, and on screen, to touch any individual that might be struggling in the same way.

“My goal is to end and destroy all these negative stereotypes about transgender people. I’m tired of being punished for being transgender, it’s time the world accepted us as equals and that’s why I work so hard to humanize us/myself.”

Check out our interview with the artist below:

Hi! How have you been?

Hey! I’ve been great! Busy writing new music!

While everyone knows about your achievements as an artist, model, an actress, and an activist, can you please share your journey with our readers – how did you begin and your evolution as a professional?

It all happened unexpectedly. I always wanted to go to design school and design clothes but then ended up on the runway and in magazines wearing them instead! I started modeling at 14, and fought like hell to break the stereotype and overcome the rejection that surrounds trans women in the industry. After years of trying to make my mark in the fashion industry, I decided to venture into T.V. and film (as if there wasn’t enough rejection already). I did a few small cameos in movies as well as the hit Amazon show “Transparent” and some reality shows. Then I was brought into season 5 of Little Women: LA where we all know how that turned out. Music was something I always wanted to do, but I feel like timing was everything with that. I needed to be 100% my authentic self before I embarked on that journey. So after I finished my transition I began writing lyrics and met with my producer Andrew Balogh and another talented songwriter Gregory Fletcher and then “Love In The Dark” was born.

Would you like to share the meaning and the significance behind your name “Plastic Martyr”?

Yes! People assume that because I go by the stage name “Plastic Martyr” that it means “fake”. Plastic is something that has the ability to change and be molded. And a martyr is someone who would die for their beliefs. I felt that name was the epitome of me. It was my Myspace name when I was 14 because I didn’t want to have my real name or information be public knowledge (for safety reasons). I started to get recognized places as “Plastic Martyr” and decided to trademark it and make it my stage name.

As an artist pursuing a dream in a creative field, what have been some of the biggest lessons that you might have learned as you grew up?

The biggest lesson that I learned was probably to not take rejection personally. If you have a dream, never let anyone tell you that you’re not “good enough”. There is always an outlet for creativity, you just have to find the right fit. But the only opinion you should take seriously is your own. People will always have something negative to say and will always try to bring you down, the best revenge is succeeding and proving them wrong.

Congratulations on the release of “Love In the Dark”. How has been the experience of working with Capitol Records?

Thank you so much! It’s been a dream working with Capitol. They are one of, if not THE most iconic labels in the music industry and responsible for so many of the greats. Just to walk through those doors was an honor in itself, but to record and release a song under their name is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid.

Can you please share the creative process that went behind creating the single and the music video?

The song was written rather quickly. I write my lyrics more like a chaotic diary and then polish it up later. At that time I was hurting and I was so inspired by that hurt and wanted to use that pain to my advantage. I feel I write my best lyrics when my wounds are rather fresh. Since the song is clearly about being treated like a dirty little secret, I wanted to convey that feeling in the music video as well. I still wanted the video to be visually beautiful, fashionable, bizarre and entertaining while still painting an accurate picture of what so many people experience in relationships.

Lyrically, the song is deep. It talks about toxic relationships and more importantly, their cons. What inspired you to create this song?

I have been through hell and back regarding my dating life, so pretty much every single guy I’ve ever been with leading up to that song was the inspiration behind the lyrics. The feeling of being used, or kept a secret is so mortifying and degrading. I’ve dated other celebs who treated me like a secret, and like being seen with me would ruin their careers. I dated non-celebs who treated me just as bad if not worse. I then realized that it wasn’t me, it was them and that I wasn’t the only girl going through this. So I really wanted this song to be an anthem for ANYONE who’s ever been made to feel this way by a lover.

Can we expect an album soon?

I would really love to do an album soon. I’ve been bugging my producer about it, hopefully more and more people start to like the singles I put out and then I’ll be able to do a full album. I have SO many ideas already for an album I really hope I get to bring those ideas to life.

Just like the music video, your Instagram too is gorgeous and reflects your fashion taste. Considering the growing influence of social media in our lives (personally and professionally), how do you perceive the medium?

Awe, thank you so much. I personally don’t love social media, it’s one of those necessary evils that I just try to use the best I can. I’m not one of those people who cares about numbers, or followers. More important to me is being able to engage personally with my supporters. I feel like if they take the time out of their day to write me or leave comments the least I can do is take the time to write back. I hate seeing other celebrities online have this entitled persona about them as if they are superior to everyone else. I really want to show my supporters that we are all equal and fame is nothing more than an illusion. I love being able to post creative photos and use my instagram as a sort of a daily diary, I just have a hard time forcing it and doing it for “the views”. Whether it’s 1 follower or 1 million followers, I would still do what I do because at the end of the day I enjoy creativity.

We read about your surgery. How was the process of transition and how are you feeling now?

I’m feeling incredible now. This past week was my 2 year anniversary since my gender affirming surgery and I feel like I’m finally alive. For 28 years I was a prisoner in my own body. I didn’t even have any full length mirrors in my house. I was ashamed and embarrassed to even see myself naked. My surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers is my hero and savior. She gave me a 2nd chance at life, and put me into the body I had only ever dreamed of. The surgery exceeded my expectations and now 2 years later I don’t even remember the body I had before, everything looks beautiful and natural and works perfectly. It’s such a shame so many people are still so misinformed and uneducated about the process of gender affirming surgery. But it definitely saved my life.

Even though the society is still learning acceptance, but sadly there is always an oddity while talking about the LGBTQ+ community, both online and offline. The community is working hard to normalize gender identities but we still have a long way to go.

You have been an active advocate of transgender rights. Can you please share your experience as an activist? Do you think that things are changing for the community in society and in the entertainment industry?

I think we have a very long way to go still. I think we are being talked about more and that we have more openly vocal allies behind the trans community, so for that I’m grateful. However, our day to day struggles haven’t changed. We are still being discriminated against and treated like 2nd class citizens and that needs to stop. The trans murder rate is so high, we are being fired, we are being beaten, we are being threatened daily. I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy the way people treat the trans community. And as far as the industry goes, I still get told “we don’t think America is ready for someone like you yet”. In my opinion nothing has really changed, we are just sick of being silenced so we’ve started making our presence known.

What steps do you think we need to make the industry more inclusive?

I think people need to stop looking at trans artists and trans celebrities as “trans”. Being “trans” isn’t what our talent is. I think transgender actors and actresses should be able to play cisgender roles. After all, cisgender people play us. I think it’s time we were humanized and seen as equals instead of looked at like a different species. When I was younger and working as a model I’d say to the agencies after they’d turn me down for being transgender “You know, gender and fashion should have no boundaries”.

Would you like to share with us, your upcoming projects or future endeavours?

I will say that there is a 2nd single coming soon. And it’s very, very different from Love In The Dark. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever written come to think of it. It’s the first love song i’ve written (about actually being in love). And my boyfriend (who the song is about) is playing guitar on it. So I will release more details about that soon. But I’m very excited about this next single.

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