EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW/ REVIEW: Lauren Sanderson Talks Music, Career and Fans

Pop artist Sizzy Rocket opened the show before Epic Records’ newly signed artist Lauren Sanderson performed at Mercury Lounge on Nov. 18. She performed her energy-rising hits “Limo”, “Juicy Fruit”, “Amphetamine” and much more during her 45-minute long set, excited to be back in her hometown. With her electrifying tunes, comical and alluring lyrics and captivating performance, Sizzy Rocket delivered through the technical problems on stage.

Sizzy Rocket/ Credit: Evelin Mercedes

Lauren Sanderson greeted the crowd with her most popular and enticing single “Shut Em Up.” The engulfing mixed audience of young teens and adults capping Mercury Lounge at the 250 capacity mark, jumped along as this had become a sold-out show for the 22-year-old artist.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana native jumped into the mellow song “Differently” where she sings about how she’s still the same girl from Indiana even with the record deal and life-changing move to LA. “Electric” from the newly released EP Don’t Panic followed, which transitions into a smoother reggae sound. Fans uncontrollably jumped on their feet for the eccentrically catchy chorus “Why would you run from me run from me yeah / You could just run to me run to me yeah /The feeling’s electric.”

Lauren Sanderson/ Credit: Evelin Mercedes

Throughout the night, Sanderson brought back songs from the past from her first two EPs Center of Expression and Spaces. She performed “Dear Universe”, “Palm Springs”, “Anyone”, her acoustic Youtube covers and to finish off the show, “Oceans” and “Be Alright”.

Before performing “Written In The Stars”, Lauren Sanderson took some time to share her thankfulness with the crowd.

“Thank you guys so much.” Lauren stops to say after the song finishes. “Literally, I remember being in Indiana in my car writing this in my journal. I was like I have a dream and I had to make this s–t happen. It’s even doper because we’re like all growing up together. I see some of you guys and I met you years ago. I lurk you guys on social media. I see your comments, your messages. It’s pretty dope that we all just get to do this together. I see you.” As Sanderson spoke, fans yelled their “I love you’s” and one mentioned she was also from Indiana.

A group of photographers stayed to the right of the stage, which Sanderson noticed and gave some recognition to one of them, asking “How many photo passes have you had?” who then said “three” and fist pumped her as people in the crowd yelled in appreciation that Lauren noticed that.

While performing “In The Middle”, many phone flashlights went up. “This has all been surreal,” Sanderson said afterwards.

Someone threw a bisexual flag to Lauren, which she picked up saying “make some noise if you’re a little gay” making the whole place go ballistic – one person nearby said “a lot of gay.”

“I say this in every single show but the dopest thing that I feel about these shows is that every single person in here has to believe in love,” Lauren Sanderson said. “Equality and loving who you love. You cannot listen to this music without having a good heart.”

Before finishing her set with “Be Alright” Sanderson performed “Oceans”, an ode to being who you are and keeping a positive mindset about life. This was one of the first few songs released in 2015. Lauren Sanderson and her fans’ echoing voices carried the sound throughout the room.

For most of the young people in the room, this was their third/fourth time watching her live in concert. But for those seeing her for the first time, they were left mesmerized and wanting more.

Lauren Sanderson and Sizzy Rocket/ Credit: Evelin Mercedes

In an interview with Lauren Sanderson, we sat down before the show to speak about her career, music and fans. Watch the full interview below:

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_