ROZES via Instagram
ROZES via Instagram

Exclusive Interview: ROZES Chats About “Walls”

ROZES is back with new music and just when fans believed her tracks could not get any better, she proved them wrong once again. The single, titled ‘Walls,’ features singer Mat Kearney, and has reached popularity across streaming platforms shortly following its release. Between the track’s impressive vocals and its relatable message, listeners around the world remain addicted to listening to it and enjoying its visuals. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, ROZES opened up about the single, its music video and more.

What can you tell us about your brand new single “Walls” and how it all came together?

“Walls” is about the emotional push and pull of a relationship and the distance  miscommunication can cause. Mat had this idea of walls and I loved how many meanings this one word could have, so we started building the song based on our society today, and how even those closest to us can feel so far away when it comes to the things we love and believe in.  

How was it to work with Mat Kearney on this track? What was the collaboration process like? 

I listened to Mat’s music on repeat when going through a breakup, so working with him was pretty surreal. He’s a goofball with a million ideas and thoughts… our creative process was so fun and easy. 

You just dropped the music video for that single! How much fun did you have making the video and do you have a favourite scene from it? 

Making this music video was so fun because I’ve never filmed a music video whose characters were only me and my collaborator. My favourite scene is when I am banging on the glass while Mat stands on the other side. I think it represents the song perfectly because of the intense frustration it shows when [you are] not able to reach the other person. 

Speaking of collaborations, who would you love to collaborate with next year? 

I always have a running list of dream collaborations, but right now I’d say Post Malone or Bebe Rexha. 

Will there be any more new music dropping soon that fans can look forward to or anything else you can tease? 

I definitely have a bunch of new music ready to go and I am so excited for what’s to come. Hopefully, I will be touring in 2020!

Can you summarize in one word what your supporters can expect from you in 2020? 


Finally, what is one major highlight of 2019 that sticks out to you? 

I don’t think I could pinpoint one thing of 2019 because I feel like it was such an epic year of growth; however, I think that having my song “Halfway There” chosen to be the theme song for the Women’s March was one of the most epic moments. 

Listen to “Walls” here.

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