Exclusive Interview : Saffron Barker on ‘Stand up to Cancer’.

Saffron Barker is one of YouTubes brightest stars. Shes amassed an amazing 1.5 million subscribers on her main channel alone, creating an army of fans who share Saffrons sunny and positive attitude and love for life. She’s recently announced her second stunning collection with affordable high street brand Primark and now she’s taking a stand – she’s standing up to cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer is a huge fundraising event which sees television channel Channel 4 hosting a variety of specials of their most popular shows and finishing in a live television extravaganza. As a part of the events, many YouTubers are taking part in a live-streamed event hosted at the YouTube Space in London in a bid to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. The event will see Patricia Bright, Niki and Sammy, Oli White, Mikey Pearce, Saffron Barker,  Josh Pieters, Jack Maynard,  Niko Omilana, Mark Ferris and many more incredible YouTubers unite for an evening of fun together as well as important stories and information segments about the work of Cancer Research.

CelebMix has had the opportunity to speak to the lovely Saffron Barker all about ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ and find out exactly what she’ll be doing and why it’s so important to her to be involved.

Hi Saffron – Thank you for taking the time to chat to CelebMix about StandUp to Cancer. How’re you feeling about the event?

I’m so excited! It’s next week, and we’ve just finished rehearsing. It’s a real honor to be taking part, it’s my first year to be involved.

What’s your role going to be on the stream?

So I am a game host, myself and Niko (Omilana) are both the game hosts. We’ve just met and it’s so cool how both of our channels are so different. We’re going to be rivals 

What is the reason for you to personally take part in this event?

I’m so lucky, I have never directly had anyone in my life who has had cancer, but so many of my subscribers have had people in theirs who have, or who have had it themselves, millions of people have sadly had cancer. Obviously, I jumped at the chance to be involved in this – for them.

Why do you think the ‘Stand Up To Cancer – YouTubers Fight Back’ streams are so important and do so well?

So many people want to see their favorite YouTubers, and so it’s all our audiences tuning in and taking notice.

Which of the YouTubers involved are you hoping the most get involved in some form of a messy task at the stream?

Oooo. Probably my brother Casey, he’s going and taking part so I’m hoping he does!

If you now could stare cancer in the face, and stand up to it – what would you say?

Your time is up. Enough is enough.

So you’ve just announced your second collection with Primark, what’s been the main difference with this range from the one you released last year?

It’s grown up with me I feel, it still has a lot of fun and my quirky side in it, but I’ve grown up in a year, I’m now 18, so it’s grown up with me. It’s been amazing to capture both sides of me!

Primark is known for being a really affordable store, how important was it for you to collaborate with a brand that is both affordable and accessible?

When I got approached to collaborate with Primark, it was just perfect for me. I have been approached by other brands before to collab with them, but when Primark asked it was perfect. My fans know I shop there all the time as do they, everything is so affordable but high quality too. It’s the most perfect collaboration ever. 

So lastly Saffron, why should we all tune in to Stand Up To Cancer – YouTubers Fight Back?

It’s going to be MASSIVE. There’s going to be tons of different YouTubers and so much fun. There are also so many surprises!

Saffron Barker is taking part in ‘Stand Up To Cancer: YouTube Fights Back’, a YouTube live-stream on Friday 26th October from 7 pm. For more information and to watch visit: www.su2c.org.uk/youtube



Written by NikiSmith

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