Exclusive Interview: Sean and Conor Price talk about life since The X Factor and what fans can expect from their new record

Ahead of the release of the mini-album ‘Dreamer’, CelebMix chats to Sean and Conor Price about life since The X Factor and what fans can expect from the record. 

“Dreamer is really honest and authenic music from the two of us. It’s got a live band feel and it’s showing how we’ve grown from buskers since the X Factor and how we’ve progressed. It’s got hints of singer/songwriter stuff and some pop too.”

Sean and Conor Price’s upcoming mini album Dreamer is set to show just what is so exciting about these two Irish teenagers. The Price brothers found their way into the hearts of fans across the U.K. and Ireland with their switching-up of ‘Along The Watchtower’ during their X-Factor audition.

Since that audition it’s been a whirlwind rise for the duo, with barley a minute to catch their breath since making it all the way to the talent show’s finals to being whisked off on the countrywide tour which saw them play huge arenas including Wembley Arena and a homecoming show at Dublin’s 3Arena, a highlight for the duo.

“The tour was the most amazing time and experience. Seeing so many faces in the crowd… That’s the dream and we won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.”

“Schoolwork was difficult on the X Factor and stuff and we had to juggle. Now I’ve finished school and Conor is in a transniton year period in Ireland. It’s a great year for us to push on and prove that we can make a career out of this and keep pushing on.”

And push on they sure are doing. Sean and Conor admit that finding time to songwrite on the road was difficult, despite Sean’s challenges with Rak-Su to see “who could write a rap with the most syllables in and the most lines”.

It is their songwriting talents that makes the boys’ music just as characterful as their personalities. Dreamer actually isn’t Sean and Conor Price’s debut release, the Change EP came out before The X Factor, but the Irish lads talk of the difference this time around.

“Before The X Factor we didn’t have too much studio experience so to get all the songs we had written over months and years down was so much fun.”

“Before The X Factor we only did bedroom writing, that was the only way we thought a song was written. Having the experience thorugh going to studios every day for a month puts into perspective how much effort really goes into a song. Every song is different and there’s a different way to express every emotion”

Within moments of finishing their first X Factor performance, Alesha Dixon responded, “you made us feel something”. That is what is so remarkable about the two teenagers, they really have something to say. Dreamer will focus on “how we’ve grown and telling our supporters to follow their dreams too”.

Fans have already had the taste of singles ‘Be Like You’, ‘Get Lost’ and, most recently, ‘Quit’. “The response to all three tracks has been unbelievable. At out show the day ‘Quit’ was released everyone in the crowd was singing it back to us. For us, it was brilliant to hear”.

Those singles are nearing 300,000 streams on Spotify alone, with ‘Be Like You’ already climbing over the 150k mark. ‘Quit’ is the latest single, a stripped-back effort where Conor’s vocals take centre-stage. The music video, released in August, was a chance for the duo to “show off some of the local Irish scenery”.

The music viceo was really fun. We’ve got a great musicographer who is 19 called Sam Fallover and we are really good friends with him.”

“We had to get in the sea with our clothes”, Sean chuckles before Conor adds, “it wasn’t too bad during the heatwave.”

“Our clothes were soaking wet so that wasn’t as fun. But we got through it.”

After the mini album’s release on Friday, the boys are set to play show at London’s Borderline and Manchester’s Academy 3, it’ll be the group’s first time playing back in the UK since that huge X Factor tour.

“Performing in general for us is what we love to do. It’s what you build up to in your career. The goal is to play shows and get people to come to your shows. That really is our highlight. Performing for our people and our fans.”

Fans will be delighted to hear that Dreamer is still very much the beginning. It’s “us growing and learning” Sean says, “2019 will be us coming up another level, with a cooler edge to it”. There are certainly exciting times ahead for Sean and Conor Price.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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