EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Singer Chlo Subia

Chlo Subia is a rising star from Los Angeles. The singer/songwriter is currently working hard in the recording studio on new music, and a new single is expected to drop very soon. Her last single ‘You We I‘ which was released back in July has been a critical success.

Here we speak exclusively to Chlo Subia about her last single release, musical icons, new music, future plans and much, much more:

Growing up can you remember how your love of music developed?
My love of music definitely developed through being in musical theater. I grew up performing on stage and fell in love with music, the choreography, the costumes, the make up.

Have you always know you wanted to pursue a career in music?
I’ve always wanted music in my life but never imagined I would be this involved at my age. I am very blessed with the environment I get to work in. Creating with singers, songwriters, producers, and creative teams of management has been both educational and inspiring. It allows me to live in my creative, music bubble.

Who are your musical icons?
My biggest inspiration would have to be Rihanna because she is so authentic and unique. She does her own thing, regardless, and stays so current. I also adore Amy Winehouse and her amazing vocals. Michael Jackson for his live show. Kanye [West] for his foresight and creative branding/production. 

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
Rihanna, The Weekend, and upcoming artist, Tone Stith. 

What is the inspiration behind your single ‘You, We, I”
It was a really casual studio session with the PRBLMSLVRS with the idea of #couplegoals as our inspiration. All the things cute couples do and post on Instagram. We wrote the first verse and laid it down without a chorus. It was super organic. 

You’re currently working on new music, what sound can fans expect?
Yes, I am in the studio working on a pop, R&B project. I am super obsessed already. I can’t wait to release.

When can fans expect an album from you?
Hopefully the project I am working on will be well received. A full length album is the ultimate goal.

Do you plan on touring your new material?
Yes. My team is working on some exciting touring opportunities now. Tour life was everything last spring. Ready to get back at it.

What do you hope to achieve over the next 10 years?
Writing songs, releasing music and touring internationally. Hopefully a cute guy is down to be a part of it.

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