Exclusive Interview: Singer-Songwriter Vaeda Black Releases Dark, Powerful Songs About Love

On rare occasions, an artist will come out of nowhere and completely draw you in with their vocals and powerful single releases. Vaeda Black is an artist who’s building her music portfolio with performances across New York City and Long Island while also finishing her last few months of high school.

Vaeda Black, pseudonym of singer-songwriter Celia Spero, studies at both the Long Island High School for the Arts and Harborfields HS in Long Island, New York. She discovered the name through the movie My Girl, inspiring her to change the spelling and add Black beside it.

Her latest single and music video, “Suicide Love,” is about being extremely overcome with desire for someone that there’s nothing you can do nothing but give yourself into them. “In the line “what is this madness, I say,” it represents the disoriented state that is sometimes experienced when you’re lost in your feelings,” Black said.

As being vulnerable is hard for people, this song is meant to represent the good things that come from being vulnerable and letting that person love you.

The Long Island native is captivating to watch perform live in person as her confidence and charisma shines through her vocals. Vaeda Black is also skilled in the piano, which allows her to explore different ways of being creative with her music. “I taught myself when my writing got to the point where it couldn’t just be words and a free melody anymore,” she said. “I’m glad I took the time to learn the basics.”

Black’s first single “Face Down,” released in 2017, is an attempt to help listeners accept their deepest darkest desires and to realize that they’re not something to be ashamed of. “I wanted this song to be directed at the listener like I’m speaking to them,” Black said. “When I listen to this song it makes me feel at ease. It was subconsciously inspired by the things that I’m afraid of and what I need to accept about myself.”

“Writing this song brought me to a place that I’m afraid to go to sometimes, but being able to put out a record that is so real to me set me free. It’s amazing how one song can change a person.” She adds.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, don’t miss Vaeda Black’s performance at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show this Saturday, January 26.

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_