EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Teen Sensations Max and Harvey

Teen sensations and twin brothers Max and Harvey are on a mission to take over the world. The siblings are currently touring the UK promoting their new book and on October 30th they will be releasing their debut DVD;

And that’s not all. The twins have also just released their brand new single ‘Stuck On The Ceiling‘ and here we speak exclusively the rising stars about their new music, and how they feel they can affect the industry as young artists;

As teenagers how do you think you can affect the youth of today through your music?

Max; If we write or sing songs that relate to other people I think it could inspire them to do the same or to work hard doing what they love.  

Do you feel you have a lot to say in the world today?

Max; I think with any generation we would like to be able to make a difference and make the world a better place. For example, we always love when we get the chance to visit children’s hospitals to put smiles on the children’s faces using our music.  

As young artists do you think that musicians are being supported enough in the industry?

Harvey; I think that the music industry is starting to notice young artists a lot more and that there is a lot of talent all around the world that can now be found on social media. It makes it so much easier for people to reach their fans, especially if they start off shy or scared. It can help build confidence!  

What is the main inspiration behind your new single ‘Stuck On The Ceiling?

Max; The idea came about when we were mucking around one day at one of our gigs with those long springy sticky hands & thought we could write a fun song about being stuck on the ceiling!

What do you hope to achieve with your new release?

Harvey; We’re hoping to get lots more of our music out there and we just hope that everyone likes it!  

Do you have any plans to release an album in the next twelve months?

Max; We would LOVE to release an album in the New Year! We are currently working on a lot of new and exciting things so… Watch out!    

Can fans expect to see you on tour soon?

Harvey;  We are hoping to do a couple of tours in 2018 because it’s been too long already since we’ve performed and we can’t wait to meet all of our fans!  

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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