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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with DJ and producer Thomas Newson

Thomas Newson is a DJ and producer from Holland who has already made sizeable waves throughout the dance music community, despite his young age.

Having released tracks such as ‘Pallaroid’, ‘Timecode’, ‘Shakedown’, ‘Wave Your Hands’ and ‘Summer Vibes’, Thomas’ sound has progressed over time and has proven to be popular across the globe. Last year, he released a collaboration with Hardwell called ‘8fifty’, which achieved over 1.8 million streams on Spotify.

His latest track ‘Saxo’ is a collaboration with WILL K and is the perfect high energy track to be performed at his many upcoming live shows. Thomas also has his own radio show (Federation Radio), and has a ‘Journals’ video series which showcases his life as an international touring artist. 2017 looks set to be another special year for Thomas as he continues his musical journey.

Thomas recently took time out of his busy schedule to speak to us about his latest music, the biggest changes he’s faced in the industry and what 2017 has in store.

First off, can you tell us about how you first got into DJing/producing, and is music something you’ve always wanted to do career-wise?

Well as a kid I grew up with dance music since my dad has been in the industry for like 30 years now. So, when I was 10 he took me to a Sensation White show in Amsterdam and I walked around as a little boy. So yeah it started at a really young age, but producing wise I started when I was at the age of 15.

Who were your early passions and influences?

Of course my dad, and I started producing because of Hardwell’s music!

Your new single ‘Saxo’ is out now! What can you tell us about the track itself?

It’s one of my favourite tracks in my set right now. It always works on the dance floor and has lots of energy, but it also has a really nice tribal groove!

The track is a collaboration with WILL K. How did the collaboration come about, and what was he like to work with?

Well when I started making this track I found this little vocal loop and immediately had an idea with it. I sent that as a preview to WILL K just for some feedback and at the same time he was working on ‘Cafe Leche’ which has similar influences and he said let’s do this one together I have some cool ideas with it. So that’s basically how the collab was born and the track!

What was the production/creative process like on this track?

Easy, we’re both working in logic so we sent the project to each other with the changes every time!

How has your sound developed since you first started to make music?

When I released ‘Pallaroid’, at that time the EDM was really hard hitting and that changed for me to more groove but still high energy like Black, SAXO, Tumbleweed etc. But I’m thinking of making a track, a new track with the ‘Pallaroid’ sounds, maybe as a free give away or for Revealed!

Coming from Holland, how has your home country influenced you musically over the years?

I dunno, It’s not only my country it’s the music, every country has good pop artists, rappers, DJ’s, sing & songwriters etc.

What are the biggest changes/challenges that you’ve faced in the industry?

The music in 2016 till now. It’s changing every single day and especially on the radio. The promoters and festival bookers only want guys that’re making Spotify friendly music and I started with making music for the clubs and still do.

If you could pick three artists to collaborate with, who would you choose and why?

Calvin Harris, (No explanation needed) Maybe a collaboration with a French rapper group called MHD. I really like what they’re doing and it’s something different than I usually do. Coldplay, I have listened to their music since I was a kid so that would be a big honour to make a track with them.

You’ve already been confirmed to perform at a number of festivals this summer. What do you love most about performing?

Giving the crowd a good time with my music and not playing all the standard Beatport top 10 stuff like everyone is doing.

What can we expect from Thomas Newson from the rest of 2017?

A new track on SONO/ARMADA which is coming really soon. So stay tuned!

Thank you to Thomas Newson for his time! ‘Saxo’ is available now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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