EXCLUSIVE: Interview with three young social media influencers

Nowadays almost everyone we know is on some form of social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, the sites have us all hooked. As social media has grown over the past few years, so has its power to influence its users, especially the younger generation. This makes it extremely important that the young people of today have someone they can look up to on these sites and take inspiration from.

Three teenagers have been growing their social media presence and have now amassed quite a following. These are:

Kaleb Kennedy

Nelson Aguilar

Michael Brock

We recently got the chance to chat with them, to talk all things social media. We got to find out what it’s like to grow and manage a social media following, as well as what they have planned for the future.

1. Firstly, what made you decide to put yourself out there on social media?

Kaleb: I definitely would have to say, my friends. I always felt as if I had a greater purpose or something greater in me than what everyone saw in myself!

Nelson: I started out doing it just for fun and it turned into what it is now!

Michael: I decided to put myself on social media to try it out and see what it’s like and I love it.

2. If you weren’t pursuing the career you are right now, what other careers would you like to follow?

K: That would-be gymnastics or a performer as I was in the past few years, maybe going into the acting field, but most likely I would be training to become an Olympian Gymnast.

N: I always like music. I would be pursuing a singing career.

M: If I wasn’t pursuing the career that I am pursuing right now I would love to go into photography.

3. Who do you take inspiration from/ look up to?

K: I’d have to say, Logan Paul, he has played a huge role in why I want to get into this social media career.

N: My mom inspires me. She is hard working and she’s a great model of to never give up.

M: I take inspiration from my mom because she tells me that it may be hard but you can achieve it and the sky’s the limit so go for your dreams.

4. Have you any advice for anyone hoping to follow in your footsteps?

K: If you have a dream, it doesn’t matter what it is…Go for it! No matter what the cost, never give up, commit to it! All the time, All in!

N: It takes time so you have to be very patient.

M: Put your voice out there and make it big and grow your social media and make your supporters feel happy all the time.

5. When your social media following started to grow, what was your reaction?

K: It was honestly amazing! it was so crazy to experience such growth in my social media to where at one point I would gain about 1k every week!

N: I was ecstatic. It was a feeling I can’t describe.

M: When my social media started growing rapidly I was so shocked because I wasn’t thinking I’d ever become a well known social media influencer and singer.

6. As your social media following keeps growing, more and more fans are looking up to you. How do you deal with this?

K: I think it’s awesome, I myself inspire to want to inspire other people and be a part of such an amazing community and build relationships with so many new people. I want to stand for something one day and hope I can get so many people involved and a part of what I want to accomplish!

N: Well everything I do has a reaction from my fans. I learned to grow up a little bit quicker than most kids my age, and become a good role model.

M: I deal with this by continuing to appreciate them and keep on growing so when the time comes I can put my own music out there in the world.

7. What message do you want to put across to your audience?

K: Honestly the best thing I can say is to be yourself, no matter what you go through or whoever is trying to tear you down, always stay true to yourself and set a positive mood for you and others and to break through the barrier society tells us we have to be in. Be extra, be above normal, break the chain and be yourself, be whatever you want to be and go for it! Strive to be great!

N: One message I want everyone to get is to never give up.

M: Even though words can bring you down just think of it like a storm, it will pass even though it may be hard at times but I promise it will pass.

8. What are your plans for the rest of 2017 and beyond?

K: All I can say right now is…There is so much content coming up and so many new videos and plans I have for myself and for all of you who stay up to date with my media and my videos! I’m so excited for what the future holds!

N: I am going to continue to grow my audience on all platform especially YouTube.

M: I plan on continuing my music career and growing my social media and put out some of my own personal music and continue to make others happy.

Thank you so much to Kaleb, Nelson and Michael for taking the time to chat with us.

You can follow the boys on social media.

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Nelson: Instagram/ YouTube

Michael: Instagram/ YouTube

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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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