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Exclusive Interview: Walking On Cars Chat About ‘Coldest Water’ And More

Irish pop-rock band Walking On Cars originally formed in 2011 and have been climbing the music charts ever since. Recently, the four-piece band had been successfully touring in 2018 and now continue to excite fans with new music and other announcements, including their latest single and music video “Coldest Water.” In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Sorcha Durham, the band’s keyboardist, opened up about what the band has been up to, “Coldest Water” and more.

How did Walking On Cars first begin? What inspired the band name?

We got together in 2011 and started making music together from the very beginning. We locked ourselves away in this old cottage and made demos in our home studio and it all spiraled from there. It was an incredible time, there was no pressure and it was a really exciting to be a part of.

As for the name, it was a random night out years ago when our drummer suggested we walk on cars to the next bar. The words had a ring to them and it stuck!

What can you tell us about your latest single “Coldest Water” and its meaning?

Coldest Water is about Patrick’s relationship with alcohol and the ups and down he went through before he could give it up completely.

How was it to film the music video and what would you say is your favorite part?

Filming the video was so much fun! We were in this amazing old estate house that had a really great vibe with a combination of really old architecture with modern pops of color. The best part to film was the opening scene with the fox as it was so random. The director was trying to get the fox to walk in a particular direction, it was hilarious as you couldn’t control him! The party scene was also loads of fun, there was so much energy in the room.

Your sophomore album Colours comes out in April! What makes this album different from your debut album?

We have evolved as people and songwriters since Everything This Way. We wrote the first album in quite an organic naive sense with no pressure. We had also toured the songs for a couple of years before we went to record them so what you hear on that record is very much how we had played them live. Whereas with Colours we delved in a bit deeper in the songwriting and experimented a lot more with the instrumentation and production. We were a lot more open to trying new approaches and I think that comes across as all the songs on the album are quite different from each other. We didn’t stick to any particular theme. We just threw everything at the wall and filtered out a lot of crap.

For new fans, what do you want people who have recently discovered your music to know?

We write songs that we would want to listen to ourselves. We are our worst critics, so what you get to hear has been through various stages of rigorous questioning and filtering! Our live show is also very important to us. We like to put on a show where people walk away feeling like they’ve experienced something special. It’s a way for us to connect directly with our fans and we love it!

If you could tour with any band this year, who would it be and why?

It’d be amazing to tour with Hozier! Absolutely love what he is doing at the moment.

What can fans look forward to in the near or distant future?

Our album Colours comes out on April 12th and then we go on tour around Europe. We cannot wait to play all the new songs live! We’re going to continue making new music and releasing as much as we can so it’s a very exciting time ahead for us.

Thank you, Sorcha Durham of Walking On Cars, for taking the time to speak with CelebMix!

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