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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Wesley Stromberg and Alek Fin

Wesley Stromberg is the former front-man of the band Emblem 3, and since the demise of the group he has been busy pursuing a solo career and has now teamed up with  artist and producer Alek Fin. They first formed their partnership back last year and are now in the middle of releasing their debut EP ‘Synia’ which contains a collection of tracks written, recorded and engineered at Fin’s Echo Park Studio.

And the pair have justreleased their brand new single ‘If Only’. You can listen to the song here:



Here we speak exclusively to Wesley and Alek about their budding partnership, new single, future plans, and more:

Wesley, when did you decide it was time to leave Emblem 3
I never left Emblem 3. I love Emblem 3. Emblem 3 was my baby. Drew, left me and my brother the day we were supposed to start our Fireside tour right after we got off the road with Selena Gomez. It is unfortunate what happened with E3. We had something very special but “with a tripod, when one leg falls they all fall”    

How excited are you about releasing your own music without the ties of a band?
I am overjoyed to be sharing new music that I love! There’s no stress, just freedom, and working with Alek is incredible. He shows up everyday excited and happy about life. That’s the environment I want when creating something soulful.   

Alek, how did you discover Wesley’s music?
I was introduced to Wes’ music through his manager (now our duo manager) Edgel. When Wes came by the studio and played me some demos he was working on, I knew immediately that he’s an artist with a lot to say and the voice to back it up. We started recording ‘If Only’ within an hour of our first meeting… the rest is history.  

What has it been like working together?
It’s been a blast. We don’t waste a minute in the studio. There is definitely a mutual trust and respect for each other’s input which makes for an insanely efficient workflow. We also both have such high standards for our work. We take a lot of time to ensure every track is 100% authentic and true to the original story behind it.  

Do you plan on releasing any more music together after this EP?
Wesley: Absolutely! In fact, I keep saying to Alek “I know we are in the middle of releasing this EP but can we just start on the next batch now!?” haha I love the work. I love making music.

Alek: I’m definitely down to do more work with Wes. At the moment, we’re currently enjoying the release of our first single and seeing it make its way out into the world. The response so far has been amazing! Look forward to releasing the EP and seeing where it all leads.  

What is the inspiration behind the EP?
Life, love, family, loss, gratitude, and the ability to stay present for all of the ups and downs of it all. 

Do you plan on touring together soon?
Wesley: Hopefully, [we’ll] be back on road in Spring time 2018. Very Excited! 

Alek: We’re looking to get some dates going in 2018. Going to have to stay tuned for that one… 

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