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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter, the artist behind the hit remake of the song “I Want Candy,” is back touring with a new album that just dropped earlier this year called LØVË. After a few years of not touring, Carter is back on the road with a small tour across America. Even though he hasn’t been around for a few years, he still manages to get the crowd energized and pumped during his performances. CelebMix had the chance to chat with Carter backstage at his show in Boston, MA.

What is it like being back on tour after a few years? 

It’s wonderful. I do it because I love to perform, I love to impress and to be able to still do that is really cool. To be able to have music that’s actually legit, then the fans receiving it like they have, has been incredible.

What’s the theme of the album LØVË?

It’s about a relationship of someone who didn’t want to be with me so I thought maybe I’ll write some songs that will get through to you. It didn’t work, but I got an album out of it and I’m really proud of it. It’s really cool because it’s so real to me, I grew up doing such songs that weren’t really relative to anything that I was really personally doing. So, being able to do this now, I like it a lot, I feel so connected to the story and music because I’m telling the story.

Do you have a favorite song off the album?

I would have to say “Almost There,” it’s the tropical house one. I like it because of the variety it has in the music. If you listen to my songs, each one, it’s almost like you’re listening to three different songs in one. You’ll hear the verses and then the choruses and then there’s a drop and so there’s three elements that we went into when I produced it and when I wrote it with my team, that was my mentality.

What was the inspiration behind remaking “I Want Candy?”

The fans. Simply the fans. It was the fans’ decision. I mean if they had it their way they would probably have the old version but I wanted to do a remix of it. I just decided it would be a good idea to remix it, re-record it and drop it down a couple keys. It was just on World of Dance the TV show, that was really cool too to hear it be used on platforms like that.

How would you say your music has changed since the beginning of your career? 

It’s gone from being kid pop music to serious dark synthy, heavy based, tropical house, EDM vibes. All the influences I’ve had throughout the years of not performing and I just put it in this music.

What can people expect from this tour? 

The intimate, smaller shows have been ideal for me to reconnect with my fans after for not touring for so long. We’ll take it from there and pick it back up and get bigger as we go.

What’s your summer goal? 

Probably to complete my next album. It will take longer than the summer though but we started working on it.

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Written by Will Heffernan