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Colin Powell rightly said that “a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work”.

When Alec Benjamin was dropped from a major music label, his dream of becoming an artist did not change but his approach seemingly did. Be it by performing outside concert venues or by singing for people physically, Benjamin has grabbed every opportunity to show why he deserves to make his dream come true. Now, the 24-year-old artist from Arizona is reaping the fruits of his labour.


With a Gold Certified single (Let Me Down Slowly), an EP that has been receiving a lot of positive response from fans and critics alike, and a tour to showcase his artistic talent to his fans, Benjamin is garnering the reception he has been working tirelessly for.

His recent EP “Narrated For You” is an extension of the narratives he’s been telling through his demos and singles released via YouTube.

With songs that talk about moralistic point of view of life (Steve), anxieties of an adult in making (1994), some bitter realization about people we look up to (Death of a Hero), and perception on love (Annabelle’s Homework), Benjamin has a lot to say. Sonically, the EP breathes some new music as the dramatic tone taken in “Outrunning Karma” is not just fresh but also unusual (in a good way) considering the general vibe of the album.

Lyrically, the EP might surprise new listeners but would only be another treat for the older fans. Benjamin, through his music, has showcased his sensibility on several occasions. Be it “1994” wherein he talks about the shift in perspective after the towers fall down or “Outrunning Karma” where he reiterates the consequences people would face if they don’t control their habits, speaks a lot about his personality and the level of wisdom he possesses.

Now, the artist is gearing to release a music video with Alessia Cara for his single “Let Me Down Slowly”. Released eight months ago, the original music video has over 25 million views on YouTube. Cara’s verse adds a new layer to the track so, it will be interesting to see what the duo has to offer in the music video.

In an interview with CelebMix, Alec Benjamin talks about his EP and how he looks forward to his tour. Check out the interview below:

After listening to all of your songs, we went back to read through the lyrics and the poetic quality (especially “Death of a Hero”) of your verses made us explore more songs. We would love to learn about your vision as a songwriter. That is, how do you approach your art?

I approach my art with my own experiences and things that I’ve gone through or I feel others may have gone through. I like to write about my own experiences as a way to process them.

Through demos, audios, and music videos, you have been really consistent in putting out music. Have you ever faced writer’s block? How do you really motivate yourself to write as consistently as you usually do?

I gain inspiration from my life and my experiences so as long as I’m still experiencing I can find inspiration! Although if there’s a time where I’m not feeling it I won’t force myself to write just to do it.

Congratulations on “Narrated for You” and for the certification of “Let Me Down Slowly”. The response for the mixtape has been really good. How do you feel?

Thanks so much! I feel really excited that my fans are enjoying the project. I’m getting ready to go on tour and I’m excited for that and to keep releasing music!

Considering that you have created each and every track of the mixtape, asking you to choose a favourite one would be a blasphemy. But do you have a favourite track off the mixtape that you’d like to talk about?

If We Killed Each Other is one of my favorites to talk about because I wrote it about my sister.

What has been the best comment/compliment/feedback you have received for the mixtape?

I actually got a shout out with one of my idols, John Mayer. That was the coolest thing for me because I’m so inspired by him and his songwriting.

In one of your interviews, you shared as to how you would want to build a “natural” relationship with your fans and not indulge in a fanwar. Have you gotten a chance to talk to your fans? If yes, then, how has been the interaction?

I always take some time at shows or when I can to talk to my fans. They have supported me from the beginning so that’s important for me. The interactions are always great. We’re all just humans who love music!

Would you like to share with CelebMix, your future projects or endeavours?

Catch me on my upcoming tour in 2019!

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