EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Ali Caldwell

Ali Caldwell is an exciting NJ based powerhouse vocalist am so thrilled to introduce you to NJ-based powerhouse singer. Having dominated the national stage on The Four and The Voice she is back with her brand new single ‘Colors’.

The track is all about embracing beauty in diversity and unity and is released alongside her “TrueColors” partnership with Splat hair colour.

Here we speak exclusively to Ali Caldwell about her new single, being a part of the Voice and The Four, future plans and much more:

Can you tell us a little about what you’ve been up to since your time on The Voice and The Four?

I have been working really hard on releasing my 2nd single “COLORS” and also been in and out of the studio finishing up my debut album “88”. A lot of travelling engagements speaking with and inspiring our younger generation.  I am also building an amazing business relationship with developer of my hair color (Developlus/SPLAT Hair Dye) and that has been going well and excited to possibly be the new face on the hair dye box!  And last but not least, Preparing for my 7th Overseas tour!

What would you say the biggest lesson you learned from being on the shows?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while being on The Voice and The Four is the importance of BEING YOURSELF! Accepting yourself and your unique flaws and not being afraid to show your passion out loud! 

What advice would you give to anyone looking to apply for one of these singing competitions?

I would say to make sure you believe in yourself FIRST before taking such a huge step and stay focused on the main reason why you are there, which should be to LEARN and GROW and connect with the world using your gift and passion.

You’re currently back with your new single Colors, can you talk us through the inspiration behind the track? 

When I first heard COLORS ( Written By DGMayne, Kevin Pabon & Ali Caldwell) it immediately touched on my exact feelings and mood after coming off The Four… in the beginning the lyrics were talking about how your significant other makes you feel inside and out. After listening and thinking about real life issues and struggles that us girls, young ladies and women go through on an everyday basis like worrying if we are pretty enough, light enough, dark enough, have the right body shape or particular “LOOK” to be accepted by society and its rules of what BEAUTY is. I had to shed light on a very important matter that;s happening in our world. Not many of us women look in the mirror and recognise the beauty that is us. Not realising the diversity and differences are what make us beautiful, So many beautiful colors. I felt it was only right to flip the message and let the topic be about not only something I have gone through and relate to, but so many others can relate to as well! Everything about COLORS celebrates the beauty in all shades, shapes, sizes, hair color, and definitely about self love! Colors is all about recognising your individual beauty, having fun and not letting these made up rules define what beauty should be and what it should look like!

What are you hoping fans take from the track?

I’m honestly hoping that this song makes all my fans dance in the mirror and actually see the beauty that’s inside and out! I hope they gain a deeper meaning to the definition of “The Look” and know that there is no such thing! It doesn’t matter what shade, size, style, hair color, nationality etc., you are, CONFIDENCE and SELF LOVE is the new UNIVERSAL BEAUTIFUL! 

Along with the single what else can we expect from you before the end of the year?

Well this year is almost over and I can’t believe it! After a couple of performances here in New York I go off to do a mini Eastern European Tour mid-December starting in Slovakia and coming back January 2019, and man, when January gets here it’s more work!

Looking ahead what are your goals for 2019?

My 2019 goals are to get this new album PERFECT for my fans, my Alikats! So that means getting back in the studio to complete the album. I’m about 85% complete. They have been waiting for some fire so this is my chance to give them what they have been waiting for! Looking forward to some more co-branding opportunities like the one I’m doing with Splat hair dye. More shows, more tours….there is a tour surprise coming soon 2019 for the States with me and a couple of beautiful souls you may be familiar with…STAY TUNED! Last but not least, to continue staying consistent and persistent with my work and confident in my journey because the only way for me to go is up and forward! 2019 is going to be AMAZING and very productive filled with a lot of ALI CALDWELL!

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