EXCLUSIVE: Interview With ARK

British artist ARK is back with her brand new single ‘Over & Over’ which is her third release via Kobalt/AWOL.

Here we speak to the rising star about her latest release, future plans, and much more:

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
My dad. I probably wouldn’t be playing music today if it wasn’t for him and his insaaaaane record collection.

Who are you listening to currently?
I’m currently loving a lot of female artists including Emilie Nicolas, Kimbra, SZA, Susanne Sundfor.. oh and I’m on my 10000000th Neil Young binge. Neil Young forever!

What would be your dream collaboration?
I’d love to work with a rapper or someone in a different musical world to me. That’d be fun. Kendrick?

Can you talk us through the inspiration behind your new single?
Over & Over was inspired by that feeling of being blindsided by someone for their success and talent rather than who they really are. Turns out that in my situation, they were a nasty piece of work and this song addresses that moment of realisation where I was aware that I was better off without them. 

QCan we expect an album from you soon?
You can expect lots more new songs before the end of the year. I’ve got a bit more living to do before the album but time goes pretty quickly so, soon…soon!

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?
The hardest question of all! Let’s say shadowy, cinematic pop.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?
I’m doing lots of support shows over the next few months and hopefully more and more to come!

What do you hope fans take from your new single?
That self worth is e v e r y t h i n g !

What are your long term career plans?
To write the best songs possible, release said songs, tour said songs, and repeat that for eternity!

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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