23 Year old Cambridge born Azubuike is a singer, songwriter and music producer, the rising star is currently signed to the indie label Island City Music.

Here I chat to Azubuike about his musical influences, dream collaborations and what he thinks about the music industry.

Growing up did you always know singing is what you wanted to do?

Not at all. I thought I was going to be a GB athlete for a long time, as I was a top track athlete through my teens. Then when I hit 17, music took over.


Are your family supportive of your singing career? 

Yeah they are. Sometimes ups and downs occur because it’s demanding of your time and focus but overall they’ll support what I’m passionate about


Growing up who inspired your music?

Michael Jackson, Trey songz, Bei Maejor (Maejor Ali), Wyclef Jean, Ryan Leslie


Who is your favourite singer at the moment?

Probably Ryan Leslie. His productions are flawless


What is your favourite song of all time?

I couldn’t answer that. It changes from day to day


If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

Again I couldn’t choose just one. It would be one of the following: Chris brown, Ed Sheeran, Wiley, DJ MK, Flo Rida or Aluna George


Who would be your dream artist to produce for?

I would love to produce for Kanye west, Ryan Leslie or Mark Ronson. They all produce heavily and producing alongside their creative minds would be incredible


If you could perform at any venue where would you choose?

I would love to perform at Wembley. I think everyone would


Would you ever consider entering a talent show such as the X Factor

I actually have been approached about shows like that before in the past but I have never accepted the offers. Who knows, maybe one day I will, however I’m sceptical about how much they actually help artists in the long run. Seems to be a bit inconsistent but at the same time a great platform.


Would you rather a no 1 record or a BRIT award?

Record a number 1 all day


Who is your celebrity crush?

Got to be Michelle Keegan or Beyonce.


What is your opinion on the UK age rating for music videos?

I can understand why it’s been thought up and auctioned as some videos do display some crazy stuff. However I think other digital platforms like gaming for example are much worse and should be considered as well, if music videos are getting cracked down on. I mean music videos are usually done to express real life situations, sometimes using strong metaphorical visual content. Gaming on the other hand can be straight up killing other gamers etc. That’s a platform played by many underage people. I think other things should be considered if I’m honest. If it helps prevent gang violence and negativity in the streets though I’m for it.


Do you think free music streaming is damaging the music industry?

I do and I don’t. I do because revenue for artists is now harder to gain than ever which can be tough and make a once beautiful industry even more competitive. But I don’t because it gives everyone an equal platform to be heard on. Plus it makes music more accessible for consumers so artists get a much larger audience. Pros and cons, you’ve just got to move with the times.


What would you like to achieve in the next ten years?

I’d like to be happy and in a position where my current vision can come to life. Wait and see



You can follow Azubuike on Twitter @AzubuikeUK 


Written by Laura Klonowski

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