EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Ben Glover

Ben Glover is an exciting Irish born, Nashville based rising talent whose new album ‘Shorebound‘ is due for release on the 4th of May. He has just released his brand new single ‘Ride The River‘ which is lifted off the upcoming LP which will be released via Proper Records.

Here we speak exclusively to Ben Glover about his musical inspirations, new single, career goals and more;

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
My parents always had the radio and music playing at home or in the car, so it was always present in the air when I was growing up. I’m not sure if this is just an Irish thing or not, but at family gatherings and get together’s we would always be called on for a song. I have very warm recollections of that and think it had a deep influence on why I started to love music. I suppose from an early age I experienced music as way to connect with people. Being the youngest of six children I also had access to all my siblings’ CD/record collections so they too are somewhat responsible for shaping my musical tastes.   

How would you describe your own sound to new listeners?
Essentially it’s singer songwriter with musical influences of folk and Americana. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland but now reside in Nashville so there’s definitely a cross-Atlantic sound to it.  

Your new single ‘Ride The River’ features Kim Richey, what was it like working with her?
Kim is wonderful and I always love writing with her. I’ve worked with a lot of great vocalists and without a doubt Kim is one of the best there is. Working with and hearing her sing so exceptionally in the studio sometimes makes me question my right to call myself a singer! She is a true artist. 

The new track is lifted off your upcoming album ‘Shorebound’, what can fans expect from the record?
The new album is called Shorebound and one of the main elements of it is that it features ten guest singers and songwriters. I wanted to bring together my closest musical collaborators from the past ten years and make this album something of an acknowledgement of where I am and who I’ve gotten here with. It’s a full band album with lots of melodic electric and acoustic guitars and lots of harmonies. It’s the biggest sound I’ve made in the studio yet and I hope it has the lyrical and musical ingredients that will make the listener feel something real.   

What is the main inspiration behind your new single?
“Ride The River” is the story of two lovers conspiring to get free together, dreaming and planning their great escape from the commitments of the world. When writing the song Kim Richey and I wanted to use the sense and symbols of time to show just how far these characters would go in their pursuit of being together. No matter what elements and obstacles stood before them they were moving through it all with complete devotion to one another.   

What do you hope listeners take from the new song?
Ultimately it’s a song about finding freedom in yourself and with another person, so I hope the listener can experience some of that. It’s pretty catchy too so it’d be nice to think they might join in the chorus after a few listens.  

When you perform live what can concert goers expect from your show? 
My intent with a performance is always to engage as fully as possible an with audience, be it with the songs or talking with them in between songs. When I go to a concert I want feel immersed in the atmosphere that the music creates and so that’s what I hope to do for the audience in my shows. I mightn’t be able to get you dancing but hopefully I’ll get you moving emotionally!  

Do you have any more collaborations planned for this year?
As well as recording and touring as a solo artist I am also part of a band called The Orphan Brigade (theorphanbrigade.com). It’s a collaboration of musicians and artists based in Nashville who regularly play on each others album. We’re planning on doing some touring in Italy and the US and writing our next project in the next twelve months. I’m always co-writing in Nashville so I know for sure that I will be joining forces with many different artists on that front over the next twelve months.  

What are your main career goals?
My main aim with my music is to express something personal with the hope that it connects universally with people. I’m not sure if that qualifies as being a goal, I suppose it’s more of an explanation why I does this. Overall all though the plan is to keep writing songs, keep making recordings and keep bringing my music out on the road.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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