EXCLUSIVE: Interview With BGT Finalists Jack and Tim

Earlier this year father and son country music duo Jack and Tim won the hearts of the nation when they sang their heartfelt original track ‘The Lucky Ones’ during their audition on the ITV talent contest Britain’s Got Talent.

Their debut audition blew audiences and judges away and Simon Cowell was so impressed he made them his Golden Buzzer act meaning they were fast tracked to the live semi finals of BGT. Unfortunately they didn’t win the show but they have won a legion of support from the public while UK country duo The Shires are also firm fans.

Here we catch up exclusively with Jack and Tim to discuss exactly what they have been up to post BGT:

You had a huge response from BGT fans, what was the main driving force behind your decision to audition for the show?   

Tim: Britain’s Got Talent is one of Jack’s favourite shows, It was all Jack , he’s a very ambitious little man!

How did you feel about the response to your Audition song ‘The Lucky Ones’?

Tim: The song was never meant to be heard by anyone, So to get the response we have is incredible, we feel very blessed. 

Was your BGT experience everything you thought and hoped it would be?

Jack: Yes totally, it was all a bit crazy and fast, but we enjoyed everything about it.

Simon Cowell chose you as his Golden Buzzer, do you still keep in touch?

Tim: No, but we didn’t expect to, he’s a busy man!

So, what have you been up to since you left the show?

Jack: Oh its been so cool, we have performed at lots of Festivals; Jimmy Farm , Latitude. We were also asked to perform at a private party for a German Countess! [we] Have been back to ITV for a Good Morning Britain appearance, sang and recorded on the NHS Single ‘A little Help From My Friends’ with SEAL, Beverley Knight, Rick Astley and loads more at Abbey Road which was also on ITV, and [we’ve] also been working on our songs.   

Can you talk us through how you came to be on the NHS record?

Tim: Our management gave us the heads up, so the TV company drove us to the studios in London and we layed some vocals down that day, simple as that! It was great fun especially the filming at Abbey Road, it was like one big laugh with friends or family.

Are you currently working on new music and a possible album?

Tim: Yes we have been writing constantly here and we are writing and working in Sweden with the producers behind Rascal Flatts  and  The Shires  so its all very exciting. 

Can we expect to see you touring soon?

Jack: Not sure yet, we want to! But we need to finish the album first or we won’t have anything to tour with! 

You’ve recently announced that you’re filming the video for The Lucky Ones soon, when can we expect the clip?

Tim: That’s on hold for now, as the music for the album has taken over, but it will be done asap. 

Your music is very country – pop, which is growing at a rapid pace in the UK at the moment, where do you see yourselves fitting into the scene? 

Jack: What’s weird is we didn’t try to write country! But we do like it a lot, we just write songs that mean something to us and play guitars, we love all guitar music .  

Are there any Brit country acts you admire?

Tim: Yes we like The Wandering Hearts , Ward Thomas and The Shires , The Shires were the UK’s breakthrough country act. it was a long time coming , I’m surprised it took so long, I mean what’s cooler than great songs, great musicians and Sik guitars ?  

So, looking ahead hat can we expect from you guys this year?

Jack: Hopefully release ‘The Lucky ones’ , and get out on a cool support tour, that would be wicked. 

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