Exclusive: Interview with “Chicken Girls” star Dylan Conrique

You might know her from the popular web series “Chicken Girls”. Similar to Brodie set, Conrique’s character too is a part of a group called ”Chicken Girls’ on the show. The series deals with issues concerning teens’ lives and showcases a coming of age love story.

The extent of its popularity is evident from the fact that just a few days after its release, the trailer surpassed a million views on YouTube. Each episode off the series has over 5 million views which is major feat for a teen drama.

But “Chicken Girls” is only one of the shows on Conrique’s resume. The actor has recently worked on Melissa McCarthy’s movie titled “The Walmart Box” which was aired at the Oscars and has also done some commercials for Domino’s.

Fond of both singing and dancing, Conrique has been covering songs by different artists on her YouTube channel. She will soon be releasing her original track “Just Us” on all the music streaming platforms.

CelebMix got a chance to interact with the artist and to know more about her. Check out the interview below:

How did your journey as an artist begin?

I started very young, singing before I could talk actually.I loved making everyone smile so I sang.

Which moments would you consider as highlights of your journey so far?

I was chosen by Melissa McCarthy personally to work on her Walmart Box short film that aired during the Oscars 2018.  I was the younger version of Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman. I sang in the short film. Working with Melissa was a dream come true.  I also got help from her husband, Ben Falcone. It is something I will never forget.

As an artist, how do you perceive your art?

I like to keep my music close to my age so it stays fresh and clean.

Do you have any influences that you’d like to share with us?

I am influenced by girls who started at my age or younger, Selena Gomez and Zendaya. Acting, singing and dancing is what I love and I hope to follow in their shoes.

“Chicken Girls” has got a really good response on YouTube. How has been your experience on the show?

The show has been amazing for my career, social media, friendships and making me a better actress.  Acting is about always getting better and I feel it has helped me continue to grow.

What do you think makes “Chicken Girls” different from other web series?

I believe it the awesome cast that I get to work with.  Of course the writers who write our great twists and stories as well.

Who are you most close to on the set in terms of bonding?

Besides my brother Caden who plays Tim Sharp, my closest relationships are Annie and Hayden.  I have known Hayden since moving to Los Angeles and Annie and I have hit it off from the beginning.

Apart from “Chicken Girls”, we have seen the trailer for “The Walmart Box” as well. Please tell us a bit about the movie.

The Walmart Box short film was written and directed by Melissa McCarthy.  It has a great message about being strong and if you can be strong during the tough times it can change your path as time goes on.  I hope that the message helps those going through those tough times.


How did the opportunity to work with Melissa McCarthy come about? 

I auditioned for the part like I do for any other.  The callback said the director was also a celebrity.  I didn’t know who it would be and when I walked into the room I wanted to faint.  I kept telling myself to stay professional. She has always been and is one of my idols.

Acting is just one aspect of your life. We would like to know about musical projects as well. Your single “Just Us” is going to release soon. Please tell us a bit about it. 

The song was inspired by my real life experiences.  Like everyone else my age not all of them have been good ones.  This is kind of a tribute to those friends who I hope to be friends with for life.

“Just Us” has got a very positive vibe. Can we expect a music video too? 

There will be a video along with the new song.  I’m hoping to come out with the song and video soon.

You have a good following on social media. How important do you think is social media for interaction (for a celebrity)?

Before moving to Los Angeles all my socials were private.  Once moving here I (my parents) quickly learned that it is really an important part of the acting/singing.

How do you like to use your social media profiles? That is, do you use it just to update fans about releases or to have a real conversation with them?

I try to post about things that I am doing, silly videos so they can see who we really are instead of just pictures.  We are normal kids like everyone else and have everyday problems, pimples, homework, bullying victims, etc. I try to go and like photos, edits, comment on pages as much as I can as the fans are part of our journey.

Would you like to share with us, your future projects or endeavours that you think your fans should know about?

I am performing at DigiTour, Rock Your Hair and other projects are in the works with performances.  Auditioning like crazy. I will be working hard and hopefully booking. Continuing to work on my music and development.

Dylan Conrique is a talented artist. “Just Us” has a positive vibe of a teen but vocally, it showcases Conrique’s maturity as a singer. The single will be available soon. So, are you excited to listen to it when it releases? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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