EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Crush Club

Crush Club are a dynamic Pop-Dance duo consisting of TC Milan and Le Chev whose latest release ‘Higher’ pays homage to the late, great Prince. And the pair have also announced details of their upcoming debut EP ‘Alive’.

Here we speak exclusively to Crush Club’s TC Milan to discuss the bands new release, upcoming EP, touring and more:

Your debut EP Alive will be released soon, how excited are you to share the project? 
So excited! It feels like a cannon is about to explode! We’re lighting the fuse. 
What can fans expect from the record? 
Blasting vocals, funky bass, emotional lyrics.. some real shit! 
What inspired the songs on the EP?
Making this EP was an effort to capture something real. Everything you hear on the record was played and sung live. We were really inspired by lower tempo funk bands like Zapp and Roger and Fatback Band, and how people had sampled them. We tried to accomplish both processes in one. 
How would you describe the overall vibe of the record? 
Joyous and heartbreaking and redeeming. It’s a full censory experience.
You’re currently on tour in the US, can we expect UK shows soon? 
We can’t wait to get to the UK! We love it there. We’ve started to schedule some tea time, just awaiting the Queen’s formal request. 
You have also recently released the “Higher” music video, can you talk us through the video treatment? 
Crush Club is about working with our music community and also family. My aunts taught me how to ride horses when I was a kid, and one of them happens to live in the Arizona desert where we were travelling through. What seemed like a far-fetched dream of a video came together seamlessly because of my Aunt Annie’s generosity and our talented video director Graham Fielder’s dedication to making the best art. The video is about searching and finding yourself and your community. 
How important do you feel visuals are to a singles success? 
It’s the first thing people see so if it’s amazing they’ll engage. Our friend Kyle Sauer made the album art and we couldn’t be happier with it. Who doesn’t want a cartoon version of themselves?
Looking ahead, what are your long term career goals?
We want to keep making stuff that’s true to ourselves. There’s so many incredible artists that we can’t wait to collaborate with, it could really fill a lifetime. Oh and we’re currently fielding offers for permanent Ibiza residencies.
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