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Fast rising, Colorado-based alt-rock band Dream Feed are back with their brand new single ‘Sun and Moon’. The group has been formed by America’s Got Talent runner-up Miguel Dakota, and he fuses funk and reggae elements with sweet guitar riffs and instrumentals with bandmates Ryan Wagner (lead guitar), Will Gaines (bass), and Brian Nolan (drums).

Here we speak exclusively to Dream Feed’s Miguel Dakota to discuss musical styles, new music, future plans and more:

So, how did you guys meet?
Ryan, Brian and I went to high school together on Monument, CO. They were both a year ahead of me in school but we had some mutual friends. I had seen their bands play a couple of times throughout high school. I reconnected with Ryan in Ft Collins, while he was at CSU. We all started jamming together when Ryan and Brian moved back to Monument after college back in 2013/2014. We met Will at a residency I had at a spot a block away from my apartment. We all really vibed with Will’s fantastic bass playing and stage presence. He started writing with us almost immediately. 

Was it an instant decision to create the band?
The formation of the band was very natural. Ryan, Brian, and I started jamming and playing out around Monument in early 2014. This was around the same time that I was going through the audition process for America’s Got Talent. After the show, we added in our friend Ryan Martin on bass and played with him for about 2 years. When Marty left, we played with a rotating cast of bassists until we were able to lock in with the very talented, Will Gaines. 

How did the band name come about?
For a while, we were Miguel Dakota and the Differents. This suited us while we were riding the momentum of the show and searching for our sound. We reached a point where that name no longer sufficed and we needed a name that was representative of our identity as a band. Dream feeding is when a mother nurses a child without waking the child. As adults, we seem to receive our information and experience life in the same way at times. Getting fed and surviving without being awake or conscious of the world around us. We believe that music has the ability to penetrate the subconscious and awaken our spirits and minds, hence the name Dream Feed.

How do you feel your separate musical influences blend to create the overall Dream Feed sound?
Each band member has their own tastes in music, but we also have a lot of influences in common. We all dig the music of Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament…the classics. Will comes from a jazz and Hip-hop background, Brian from a classic rock background and with newer rhythmic electronic and indie influences, Ryan from classic rock and blues background with electro-pop/soul influences and I come from a blues, classic rock and gospel background with modern folk and songwriter influences as well. Our background and influences allow us to create a very original sound. We write very collectively with a lot of experimentation and jamming. No rhythms, melodies, or styles are off the table.

You have recently released your new single, what inspired the track?
“Sun & Moon” was lyrically inspired by a lot of the relationships I had before my wife. There is the constant search for love and partnership that seems to be as eternal as the Sun’s pursuit of the moon. It’s a dance constantly engaged in. Musically, the song started with a guitar riff that Ryan created. He brought the idea to our rehearsal and we jammed it out; each member bringing our own vibe to the song. 

Can we expect an album from you soon?
Yes, very soon. We are working on the finishing touches of our first full-length album. We are expecting to release it later this summer.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?
We plan on touring this fall to support the release of our album.

What are your long-term career goals?
Long term, we want to continue to create original and inspiring music, to grow our fan base with every show and release, and tour across the U.S. and the world (many times).

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