Exclusive: Interview with Eryn Woods

There is something uniquely special about a recording artist who writes their own songs. It’s not just  getting up on stage and singing a bunch of words. It’s the work they put into crafting a song, often drawing on real life experiences that attract people to them, their words which inspire and resonate with the listener. Eryn Woods is an artist who does just this. She also has some of the coolest merchandise we have ever seen.
We recently chatted to Eryn about her single Rule-breaker, the importance of self love and her passion for music.
Exclusive: Interview with Eryn Woods 1
 What was the inspiration behind Rulebreaker as it’s a really empowering and catchy song?
In this world we are all confined by “rules” but the ones that have been successful have known to “break the rules” meaning doing something non-traditional. And I have been living my young adult life breaking the rules by being who I am and not who everyone else wants me to be. So this song was made to pay homage to all those who were BRAVE enough to defy the rules!


You released your EP “Almost Famous” in December last year, how long did take you to put the EP together?

 It took about 8 months to put together…..myself and my producer, ArcDanger, brought in some amazing songwriters and other producers to collaborate with us to make sure we created some amazing songs!


What track are you most of proud of off the EP?

 The track that I am most proud of on Almost Famous….is a song called Popular. Because it allows me to express myself and help others realize that it doesn’t matter if you are “popular” or not. Just be YOU!!!! Thats whats COOL these days!!! At least to me!
Do you have any advice would you give to any of our readers who want to get into the industry and become a recording artist but just don’t know where to start?
I’m definitely not an expert…and definitely still learning, but one thing that I have never done is NEVER STOP!!!!! Even through the tough times….I kept pushing and working my butt off because I knew that I wanted to be a performing/recording artist. And ALWAYS remember that NO ONE will work harder than you on YOUR career!!!
 When you’re not recording and performing you spend a lot of time talking to young people about loving themselves and the issues that surround bullying, what is one piece of advice you were given when you were younger that has stuck with you that share with people when you do your talks?
 I was never given any encouraging words about self acceptance when I was younger, so that’s why I think it is very important to speak to young kids about loving yourself for who you are. I went through years of self-hatred that could have been avoided if I had someone talk to me about LOVING MYSELF!


You’ve worked with so many huge designers such as Betsey Johnson, JoyRich, Kill City etc, what is it about fashion that inspires you?

 Fashion is a HUGE inspiration in my life because that’s how you can express yourself!
What’s next for you? Releasing more music, touring?

We have so many things happening…and things are happening so quickly since I released Rule-Breaker” I brought on an amazing Publicist who is getting me interviews, blogs, radio airplay, etc…all around the world. And I am in the talks with some management and labels in Europe! I have select dates booked in the US for the fall….but then I will be heading overseas to tour!

 Myself and my producer, Arc Danger, have been working on a new project (which includes Rule-Breaker) for over a year now….and its something that is very special to us because we decided to write and produce it on our own. We have some major hits to follow up Rule-Breaker and I can’t wait to share the best music that I believe I have ever done!
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Written by Kelly McFarland

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