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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Forever in Your Mind

They just finished their Euphoric tour earlier this month and now they are back on the road opening for the American Idol Live Tour. Forever in Your Mind got their start on X Factor USA, and now they are opening for the American Idol Live Tour, full circle moment? With plans to release a new single on October 8th and finishing the American Idol Live Tour, the guys of Forever in Your Mind are always staying busy. CelebMix had the chance to catch up with the guys backstage before the show in Lynn, MA.

How did you guys land this gig? 

Ricky: This gig came to be because we have good relationships with our managers other band, In Real Life. In Real Life was doing the first half of the tour and then we were kind of in negotiations with the American Idol Tour and they said “you know, why not? It makes sense because your manager is already managing the other band and it can just be a quick switch.” It’s also has a lot to do with us extending our own tour in a way, because we didn’t hit a lot of the same cities that a lot of people were hoping that we would. Yeah we were just like “lets do it! Let’s add some more dates to the tour.” We’ve already done five days, this will be the sixth show, we’re just so excited.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi (@ontheslide)

Do you guys have a favorite Idol winner? 

Emery: Ruben!

Ricky: David Archuleta.

Emery: Phillip Phillips did amazing too.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi (@ontheslide)

How is this tour different than your own Euphoric Tour?

Liam: Biggest one is the set is smaller, obviously because we are opening. We are doing a 25 minute set, versus an hour and ten minutes. Also, we’re driving everywhere, we’re not flying. The Euphoric tour was “weekend warrior,” is what we called it, so we would fly out for the weekends and fly back, but this is actual road tripping.

Emery: Being in a van obviously there’s some uncomfortability but it’s the experience of touring and all the great memories that we are making, it just outweighs the travel part.

You guys should make a sequel to the Road Trip Series!

Liam: A sequel to the road trip series? Road to somewhere!!

Ricky: Road to destination.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi (@ontheslide)

Have you guys jammed out with any of the contestants yet? 

Emery: No, because they have their busy schedules, they’re doing other things with the Idol tour.

Ricky: I think we’re still figuring it out, we’re still getting to know everyone. Once we get to know people more, they’re great people, we’ve hung out with all of them they’re cool.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi (@ontheslide)

American Idol started the singing competition series era, do you guys think X Factor USA would have been around as well as you being a band if American Idol wasn’t? 

Ricky: Maybe not

Liam: American Idol was the first thing and then it inspired X Factor. 

Ricky: There was always Americas Got Talent as well

Emery: Here’s the thing. There was Pop Idol in Europe and then it turned to X Factor UK then American Idol started in the US, then the X Factor UK became so big because of One Direction that they branched it over to the US. American Idol has just been so popular because of the original seasons because of Simon Cowell as a judge, from his attitude and brute honesty, that was able to keep the show lingering for the years that it’s been able to linger on for. Fate just brought us together.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi (@ontheslide)

What is next for Forever in Your Mind? 

Emery: We have the next 19 shows.

Ricky: We’re going to release a single.

Emery: We have a single coming out soon. I think we are going to go to the VMA’s.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi (@ontheslide)

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Written by Will Heffernan