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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Frankie Jonas

We all know the Jonas Brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin. They were one of the most popular boy bands back in the early 2000’s. Some may not know though that they have a younger brother named Frankie Jonas. Frankie has been on screen, like in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam as Junior Rocker Trevor. Frankie has been doing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff in music such as producing. He currently is on the Boys of Summer tour and CelebMix had the chance to catch up with him in Boston.

Do you have any music coming soon?

I do more producing, I do have a song with Alli Haber coming soon. If I did put out my own music, it would be instrumental, compositional non-sense. So nothing right now as of myself.

Being the brother of the Jonas Brothers, have they given you any musical advice?

They’ve been a really big influence on my whole process, helping me through it, being there to say try this, try that. The one thing they’ve told me was most of all to keep at it, because if you love it, then nothing else matters and that’s true, if you love making music then just continue doing that.

What are you looking forward to most about the Boys of Summer Tour? 

Getting to see the artists, getting to meet the fans, being apart of such a big and huge event, it’s exciting, I’m really happy about it.

What’s one thing you want to do before the summer ends?

Do a little bit more traveling and work on music.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

My biggest inspiration has always been Radiohead, because their stuff is genius and out of this world. Also I really love, when it comes to more pop stuff, I’ve always loved Michael Jackson, I’ve always loved older stuff. My dad got me into his pop stuff at a young age. I like to bring that more musical feel to what I do in music.

What are you promoting on the Boys of Summer Tour?

I am coming out to promote a song I worked on with Alli Haber, the song is “Too Young,” its really great. We worked on it for a really long time and it came out really nice, we’re really proud of it. It will be released pretty soon, not sure the date but it will be soon.

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Written by Will Heffernan